Gideon dies very quickly due to a new Elden Ring bug

Elden Ring is rife with formidable monsters that players must fight, and many gamers can testify to the ferocity with which some of them wield their power and the number of times they have succumbed to them.

Elden Ring contains some very challenging foes, and the game does not hold back when it comes to the opponents that players will face, with many of them sending them to the game over screen numerous times.

Those adversaries are sometimes influenced by flaws discovered in Elden Ring, which may alter combat in various ways, making them more challenging or easier for the player. One player discovered a bug that made one of the game’s bosses a little easier to deal with.

A film of them fighting Sir Gideon Ofnir The All-Knowing in Elden Ring was provided by Redditor TheGreatZephyrical. The player enters the boss arena with an ally and immediately casts the spell Frenzy Burst, which does respectable damage to the adversary.

TheGreatZephyrical then performs the spell once again, killing Gideon in the process. While many agree that the fight is straightforward, the amount of damage dealt by a Frenzy Burst shot was much more than it should have been.

Due to the low difficulty of the Elden Ring monster, several people questioned if the film TheGreatZephyrical provided genuinely demonstrated a problem. Still, the player claims that they had used the spell on Gideon before and that it didn’t cause that much damage.

One commentator says that Gideon’s wealth of knowledge caused his brain to burst from the craziness produced by Frenzy Burst. One user claims that even if Gideon were two-shotted with a piece of celery, they would still think it was not a glitch.

While TheGreatZephyrical’s run-in with a bugged foe made things simpler for them, another player did not have the same luck. Penchkeg, a player that goes by the moniker Penchkeg, was killed by a glitched Elden Ring adversary.

The player’s video shows them applying a lot of buffs to prepare for combat with numerous stages. The opponent gets attached to a wall where it seems to tumble eternally when they get it to transition into its second phase.

Penchkeg approaches the foe carefully at first, warily examining it from afar, before charging forward and being caught on the wall behind it, their health steadily dwindling.

The player eventually dies as a result of a severe glitch. It’s a terrible occurrence that Penchkeg thinks to be one of the game’s stupidest fatalities.