How To Get Unbanned From Clash Of Clans

Unbanned From Clash Of Clans: In Clash of Clans, you have to be very careful. You have to spend a lot of time making your clan or village unique. So, getting a ban on your account can be challenging.

Because you’ve lost everything, but also because you’ll have to start over from scratch. Since that can be a real pain, there’s a guide to help you get your account back from Clash of Clans.

How do I get my account back on Clash of Clans?

To keep you from abandoning the game, here is the procedure you must follow to have your account unbanned.

What Type of Ban is it?

First, you need to know what kind of ban your account is under. Almost every account in Clash of Clans gets suspended at some point. There are two primary bans that most people get. These are how they work:

  • Temporary suspension
  • Permanent suspension

Most of the time, the suspension is only for a few days to a few weeks. While it’s hard to work around the permanent suspension because CoC is usually very strict with its policies and decisions, it’s not impossible.

What are the reasons for the ban?

What did you do in the game that might not have been good for Supercell to see? To find out the answer to that question, you can look at these possible explanations for why:

  • Exploiting bugs on purpose
  • Encourage others to play against the rules
  • Impersonating Supercell
  • Requesting/sharing personal details
  • Offensive behaviour
  • Making use of third-party software for modifying the game
  • Buy/sell illegal gems
  • In-game chats are being abused by:
    • Advertising
    • Spamming
    • Scamming
  • Abusing reimbursements
  • Gaming accounts that are shared or purchased
  • Gaming accounts that are stolen

As for the last one, If you discover that someone else is using your accounts, you should notify them by contacting customer service. 

Attach your player’s tag, account number level, and current Clan name. This will help you if your account is revoked down. Since it’s not your fault, you have the documentation to show that.

 This will aid your case and aid in protecting your account. If the Clash of Clans account does become flagged, you can have it removed through an appeal that explains this.

What can you do to unban your account from Clash of Clans?

Based on the policies, most bans are not negotiable. And so, any punishments given are final. So, even when you have reasons to appeal, it’s probable that Supercell will present the appeal a chance. 

If your account has been suspended for a short period, it is possible to wait until it is over before being permitted to play. Try not to cause trouble for Supercell during the timeframe, as they may not like an account that is flagged. 

This could result in another ban that is permanent also. In the end, getting the Clash of Clans accounts unbanned isn’t possible.

There is a slim chance you will be able to recover your account. It is possible to do this via a suspension appeal. You may try to submit a request using these steps:

  • Go to the Clash of Clans Support Page
  • Click on Contact Page
  • Then Click the Contact Us link.
  • Choose your preferred language from the section for Language section
  • Go to Category
  • Select Something Else
  • Complete the other information
  • Please explain your situation clearly by using your message text box.
  • Be sure to ensure that your messages are clear and concise.

Also, ensure that you aren’t an automated system before submitting the form. Be aware that even if the support team may understand your request, they might not be able to accept it. 

However, if they believe that you’re sincere and authentic, the support team (rarely) will reinstate previously banned accounts.

However, it may take time to process the whole process. It can take anything from one week to a month to complete. But it is worth trying!