Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: How to Level Up Fast?

People keen on gaining all the rewards available with this Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass must earn Battle Stars in abundance. 

Although players have plenty of time for the quest, adequate levels can accelerate the process significantly. 

For players looking to speed up their gains in XP during FortniteChapter 3 Season 1, this guide will give you some suggestions to speed up the process of efficient leveling. 

Fortnite: How to Earn XP Fast

Complete Quests

There are a variety of challenges to be completed in FortniteChapter 3, Season 1. Players looking to increase their level quickly should focus their attention on achieving them. 

Mainly, players must complete three Daily Quests per day to be eligible for the daily 45,000 XP reward. 

It is also recommended to complete every Season Quest and NPC-specific quest that is made available since they offer substantial XP rewards in addition to the rewards well.

Milestones are another form of quest with XP rewards that gamers in Fortnite must focus on. 

They can be seen from The quests tab. Although the details of the quests differ considerably, many are achievable via normal gameplay.

 But, those who want to get better quickly should look through this listing of Milestones and then put in a serious effort into methodically completing them.

AFK in Creative Mode

Players can get simple XP simply by participating in an event within Fortnite‘s Creative Mode and getting to AFK.

 Players will receive 12,000 XP per 15 minutes of playing a Creative game; however, they claim this reward only five times every day. 

So, players will not complete all their leveling through this method; however, it will still give players a good boost in XP with little effort.

Participate in Power Leveling Events

Power events for leveling within Fortnite provide the chance for players to earn bonus XP points for every action they take, and players who want to get their levels up quickly should ensure they are a part of each of the events. 

However, players do not control the timing of these events, making this a system that cannot be relied on. 

However, players regularly logging on to finish Daily Quests may encounter an event to level up their power and receive a vast increase in XP.

 Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, the Xbox Series Series, and X/S.