Glimpse Arrives in Rogue Company

Glimpse Arrives in Rogue Company: Rogue Company is one of the many hero shooters free to play available. Every month, the game introduces new heroes, referred to as rogues.

 They also add other features. For example, the rogue of last month Umbra has add into the game.

 Additionally, in this month’s update, they’ve revealed Glimpse as the latest Rogue who will join their roster.

Get a Glimpse of Rogue Company’s Newest Character

When she was a kid, Glimpse was subjected to genetic tests. Eventually, they freed herself by cloaking herself. 

Glimpse is an individual who has the stealth ability. 

She’s outfitted with a disguise that keeps her invisibility if she isn’t moving and drains the energy. This disadvantage is a way to make sure the character is well-balanced.

And balanced character.

“Glimpse’s abilities will push the limits of her foes, as her development pushed the technical limits of our Engine,” said Hi-Rez Studios Technical Artist Zoey Schlemper.

 With Glimpse, players will quickly identify and be stealthy to attack players. 

The players can get Glimpse at no cost by playing or buying her in-game.

Rogue Company players will also have the option of playing the game’s limited-time mode Battle Zone, added in the last month.

It’s a 4v4 battle royale mode with weapons that grow in the game, and there is no regeneration of health.

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