11 Things To Know Before Buying Elden Ring

Things To Know Before Buying Elden Ring: So, you’ve heard about the hype surrounding Elden Ring and have also been through the numerous videos posted on Reddit that you’re keen to test it as a non-souls gamer. Before you jump in, please take a moment to think about it. 

This isn’t your typical action RPG in which the hard Difficulty implies that the AI becomes more sophisticated and ammo becomes limited. There’s more to it. 

Below are the most crucial points before starting Elden Ring, the latest release from FromSoftware.

Important things To Know Before Buying Elden Ring

As a non-souls-based player who’s now an avid fan of the genre due to Elden Ring and Tunic, here’s the information you must be aware of before dipping your toes in this genre.

There is No Easy Mode

You may have already heard that FromSoftware games do not come with an easy mode that allows you to breeze across the board easily. That’s the extremely difficult nightmarish mode and nothing more. 

It’s great because it focuses on your character’s character type and builds, how you can improve your character, and the actions you decide to do first. Everyone is given the same difficulty.

So, if you’re an amateur gamer who likes playing with Easy and Medium modes, to take in the story and not combat, I suggest that you look at a couple of gameplay videos before deciding to buy the game.

You will Die Very Often.

If you are playing as the Tarnished, virtually everything that exists (and the dungeons) is looking to take you down. From wild boars to the harmless Skeletal adversary. It is possible to be killed by a single swish of a weapon. 

If you are a target for unwanted attention or attention, an arrow could pop up from nowhere that could kill you brutally. Therefore, you need to be careful in your movements. Are you ready for this? 

Ready to fight every time to defeat the other boss and be a bit frustrated? Go for Elden Ring. If you’d prefer to get OP earlier, we’ve put together a tutorial that you should check out!

Choose a Magic Build

If you’re feeling anxious about playing this game, consider using an enchanting build because you’re still not quite comfortable with combat in melee, and the bosses are scary. 

You can use your abilities as a mage to drain enemies’ health from afar and have less worry about the possibility of your character dying (as you’re aware that it’s true that the punishment for death in the game isn’t lenient). 

Therefore, you should try your hand at a mage-based build since it’s the easiest way to play in the Souls game.

It’s a Dark Fantasy World

If you prefer to have clear parts of the game that allow you to progress in the narrative (during which you have the option of chilling) and get yourself ready for an epic battle, the experience will be different. 

As you begin your journey in Limgrave and meet less powerful enemies during the beginning, Things only get more difficult (or better) as you advance. 

In more difficult areas, such as Caelid or Deeproot Depths, you will encounter various enemies – both large and small. Certain opponents are completely invisible! It is possible to elude one foe but be confronted by a huge monster within the next minute. You must always be ready.

There’s no Pause Button.

The players have made mods that allow you to stop the game, but this could put players in danger if the developers decide to begin an exclusion wave. 

There isn’t a way to pause; however, an alternative solution has been found. Other than this, there’s no method to pause the game and go to the bathroom since if you leave your character on its own, an unintentional creature may appear and kill you.

You don’t get Multiple Saves.

This increases the stakes. There is only one save per character. If you die and you die, you’ll lose your Runes. If you die a second time following this, you will lose all your Runes. The game is all-or-nothing. It is impossible to reload an older save to get back your Runes.

Additionally, certain items are used will only be consumables. Players must continue finding them or purchasing these items as they navigate an unforgiving world. If you’re intrigued by this, it’s time to begin Elden Ring.

Site of Grace Respawns Enemies

There’s a small bonfire known as the Site of Grace in different locations within Elden Ring that lets you recharge your health, speedy travel, and lots of exciting things. Sound great? It is indeed. 

However, as it helps to replenish the health of your body, it regenerates enemies. Therefore, if you’d like to explore a particular area and want to conquer the enemies on your path repeatedly, it is also possible to use the Torrent or your horse to avoid the enemies completely.

You can Cheese Bosses.

If you’re not able to take on a boss, numerous tutorials on the internet can provide strategies for “cheese” bosses. This means that you can employ some clever techniques and in-game strategies to defeat them, such as dropping them off a cliff and trying to avoid falling. Test it!

You can Summon Help.

It could be via the spirit summons or the online cooperative games. You can seek help in battle, and that’s what you’ll get!

You can Get Invaded.

Another disadvantage to playing games online is the possibility that you could be attacked by some naughty players who want to bring away your fun. Here’s what you should be aware of the invasions that occur within Elden Ring.

There’s a Lot to Play

If you’ve completed the game using only one class, you can continue playing another game called a new game or play the game again with a different class or even create. 

Additionally, there could be several bosses and areas missed or items that you can discover for a different adventure. There are many paths and endings as well.


This is all about Important 11 Things To Know Before Buying Elden Ring. If you like it, then don’t forget to check out our other guides