The Most Effective BGMI Drop Strategies

BGMI Drop Strategies: On the field, The stakes are high while the stakes are substantial. Your teammates are looking for an example. 

Are you prepared to lead them to that delicious chicken dinner? 

If this appears like a loss, you’re not using the best strategy. But don’t fret. 

Here are the top drop strategies to beat the battle against BGMI, regardless of which level you’re at.

What are the best Drop Strategies to win in BGMI?

Hot Drops

Hot drops are ones in which you can get some fantastic loot as you get there, but you also have the risk of engaging in battles for drops with other squads in the game when you begin the game.

If a specific area is appealing to you because of its treasures, it’s likely to draw plenty of interest from other players, too. 

If you’re only beginning and aren’t sure if you can perform well against other players, you may want to avoid it until you’re more proficient with time.

If you’re confident of your abilities and do not have a slow internet connection, the reverse might be more suitable for you. 

Your hot spot has become the ideal spot to score excellent killers and loot. 

Make sure to be fast and alert because you’re bound to take them down with amazing headshots.


The one that is the fastest is the one that has the most significant advantage. 

A skilled parachuter can take out enemies from the air (while they’re still on the ground). 

Choose the most effective locations to hide and collect the most valuable items while other players are trying to avoid being shot.

Try dropping your feet at these places to hit quicker than your opponents.

Erangel as well as Miramar– the 750m mark

Vikendi along with Sanhok 680m mark

Livik, along with Karakin 350m mark


The more advanced you’re at, the higher the chance of defeating your foes, as you can see your enemies from a more significant position and will be able to take headshots with much greater ease. 

Combining the first two points will boost your skills and help you stay in the top ranks.


Markers and well-crafted calls can help you and your teammates defeat your adversaries. 

With excellent team communication, no one will keep the way to winning (maybe you have a more effective team that is also adept and precise could). 

Be aware of specific terms and locations that help you communicate where you and your enemies are to keep your team members on the same page and aid your team in formulating strategies to take out the enemy while not harming yourself.

2/2 Split

In fights that are 4v4, it is recommended to use 2/2 splits to provide more coverage to your team members and more damage to your opponents when you join them from various sides and take them out of the fight. 

Remember that strength lies in numbers.