Where to Find Church of Vows in Elden Ring

Church of Vows in Elden Ring: You can’t find any specific church in the Lands Between because there are so many. They’re all over the map, so we can help you find them. Check out this map of the Church of Vows and what to do there.

Location of the Church of Vows in Elden Ring

There is a church of Vows in Liurna of the Lakes. It is to the east of Raya Lucaria Academy. It’s on a cliff, above the real lake. Here’s where you need to go on the map.

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After leaving Stormveil Castle, you can go through a lake north of the academy and head to a church. You can also stay out of it and circle the lake to the right after leaving. There’s also a door inside the school that leads right to the church.

What to Do in the Vows Church

There are two main reasons to go to the Church of Vows: to talk to Miriel, the Pastor of Vows, or get a blessing. Miriel is a huge tortoise who can teach both Incantations and Sorcery. 

He is good at Sorcery. She is also very good at both. Some unique books can help him learn how to do Incantations.

Absolution can be gained by interacting with the statue at the back of the church. When you do this, any NPCs you’ve attacked will return to their normal state and remove their aggression. It won’t bring back any dead NPCs, though.

To get forgiveness, interact with the statue while you have Celestial Dew, and your sins will be washed away thoughtfully. 

Many places have the dew, like Raya Lucaria Academy and Nokstella. Nokron and Caria Manor are also places where can find the dew.