How to Get the Mechagodzilla Skin in Warzone

Mechagodzilla Skin in Warzone: Call of Duty: Warzone has proven to be a massive hit among the Call of Duty franchise fans. Call of Duty: Warzone continues to experiment with new events and choices as players come and depart. 

One with King Kong and Godzilla was just released, and it looked highly thrilling. 

This event, which was related closely to the new Godzilla film world. It also offered several new skins, including one of Mechagodzilla. This is how you obtain it.

First and foremost, the Mechagodzilla skin does not transform players into miniature versions of the robot; instead, it adds a mask, clothing, and weapon highlights.

How to Get the Mechagodzilla Skin in Warzone

The only way to obtain the complete Mechagodzilla package right now is to purchase it from the Warzone shop. And there’s no way to get it via gameplay. Some gamers may be disappointed, but at least the outfit isn’t as vivid and bold as the “pay to win” Godzilla skin.

This seems to be a wasted opportunity on Activision’s behalf since wacky content missions have long been a feature of the Call of Duty franchise. And this event appears to be the ideal chance for more of the same.

Even as paid-only material, Mechagodzilla created some issues since its package was not accessible for individual purchases. 

While this has already resolve, it was an unusual problem. Dr. Disrespect has expressed dissatisfaction with the event for numerous reasons, which doesn’t help things.

Dr. Disrespect isn’t the only one who opposes the Caldera event. NICKMERCS, a Twitch broadcaster, also criticized the Warzone event, criticizing the absence of interaction amongst monsters and the lack of effect on participants.

It’s a shame the event didn’t get better reception, especially considering its intriguing premise of Godzilla directly affecting a Call of Duty map and the promise of cool-looking costumes.

Unfortunately, neither portion of the event has gone over very well, resulting in a drop in player numbers. 

Although there is no concrete proof for this, one Warzone player believes introduced bots to the game to compensate for low numbers.