Call of Duty Warzone and PUBG New State Rival has been announced for mobile.

PUBG New State Rival has been announced for mobile: Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular titles within console and PC gaming.

 The game’s creators Activision have confirmed they are working on a mobile version for the title. 

This announcement came through Activision’s official Twitter account.

It seems that the Activision tweet was more of an appeal to find players for the game. 

The tweet stated, “We are building Call of Duty Warzone for mobile! Apply now for exciting positions in the publishing and development teams!”

Activision is announcing that they will bring its “AAA Mobile gaming experience” in the next Call of Duty Warzone game. 

Another indication that has made it a direct rival to PUBG New State BGMI and its very own Call of Duty Mobile is that the new game will also offer players the Battle Royale experience.

According to a press release from Activision, the company is developing a “large-scale battle royale experience” built exclusively for mobile devices. 

This means there won’t be any support for cross-gen games because it is exclusive to the mobile platform.

In the announcement, Activision said, “We are looking for skilled players for all aspects that involve game design. This massive battle royale game is being designed specifically for mobile and utilizing modern technology that will entertain gamers from around the globe for years to be.”

What makes it different from Call of Duty Mobile?

As for the game experience, it’s too early to conclude anything. 

But, the game is likely to be quite unlike CDM. The current round was developed by the Chinese producer TiMI Studio Group, an affiliate of Tencent. 

The next version of Call of Duty Warzone will be formed by an Activision Studio, which Activision owns. 

In the announcement, the company said that it’s currently looking for employees for its various internal studios, including Solid State Studios, Beenox, Digital Legends, and Demonware.