Genshin Impact: What is the best place to Find Mint

What is the best place to Find Mint: For Genshin Impact, the players have to collect various ingredients for cooking and crafting. Mint is just one of the many items essential for both.

 Players can make food items and crafts from the plant. 

However, like others, Genshin impacts regular plants, such as Sweet Flowers and Eggs. 

It can be challenging to know where to grow them.

Mint is found anywhere on the map of Tivat. 

It’s everywhere, starting from the island of Inazuma up to the tops that make up the Dragonspine.

 Mint blooms in a cone-shaped blueish flower with lots of green leaves at the bottom. 

It means that regardless of what else the player is working for, they will pick up some mint in the process.

Top Map Locations for Mint in Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact

It’s tough to determine the ideal location to gather the most mint possible.

 There are, however, two areas on maps with higher concentrations of mint plants.

 Inazuma is home to a few mint plants; however, the most beneficial areas of the map to collect these are the Four Winds, Mondstadt, and Liyue. 

Players can discover a large number of mints in Liyue. In addition, Dragonspine and Mondstadt have many Genshin Impact mint plants. Stormterror’s Lair is a great location to collect mint, too.

Other sources from Mint in Teyvat

There are other mint sources from Genshin impact as well. For example, an NPC vendor in the game has mint. 

Her name is Chloris who is located in the Windrose area of Mondstadt.

 She has ten mint to 150 Mora each. They are respawned every three days.

Players who have a Serentea Pot also have the option of farming mint. 

Mint seeds are available through the Realm Depot for Realm Currency or harvested using a Seed Dispensary. 

They require approximately three days to complete growing. However, various plants can be produced in the same manner, provided that players have the right plot.

 For example, mint requires Jade Fields, like carrots, Valberries, and Jueyun Chilis.

What can you make with Mint from Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impactplayers can create many things with mint and as shown below.

  • A prize catch
  • Blue Dye
  • Calla Lily Seafood Soup
  • Cold Cut Platter
  • Crispy Potato Shrimp Platter
  • Die Heilige Sinfonie
  • Mint Essential Oil
  • Mint Jelly Salad
  • Minty Meat Rolls
  • Radish Veggie Soup
  • Satiety Gel

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