Russia-based Fortnite players are ineligible to win cash rewards, according to Fortnite rules.

The developer Epic Games has revealed that players who reside in Russia are no longer eligible to be awarded cash prizes during Fortnite’s competitive tournaments in the future.

The statement, made public at 5 am on Friday UK time, The ban will be in effect from the moment it is announced. 

Residents of Russia Russian Federation will still be allowed to win cosmetic prizes during contests.

The Fortnite Competitive statement read: “Players living in Russia must go through the process of confirming prizes for previous tournaments and be able to claim the money from Epic’s payment service before the 22nd of March, 2022.”

“If cash prizes remain unclaimed after March 22, 2022, they will be frozen until Epic’s payment service provider is able to resume prizing support for players residing in Russia.”

While Russia isn’t well-known in the Fortnite world, the announcement from Fortnite Competitive will affect a range of Russian-based esports players who currently play in the game.

Reacting to the news, Danila “Malibuca” Yakovenko, who came in fifteenth place in Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 3 Season 1 Grand Finals, Twittered his exasperation over the decision that appears to affect the player.

Fortnite is the latest game connected with the current Russian incursion into Ukraine. 

After Russia’s attack on February 24, several international sanctions were imposed by Western nations and all over the globe.

The sanctions are making it into the world of esports, with organizations like ESL and BLAST Premier banning teams from Russia from their events. 

Additionally, WePlay Holding has cut connections to Russian and Belarusian businesses.