Roblox Island Royale Codes [Full List + Guide 2021]

If you are an Island Royale player, you can benefit a lot by using the right Island Royale codes in the game. Arena! Island Royale is a very interesting and fun Roblox game based on the battle royale concept. You can literally play it for hours without getting bored. What makes you stick to the game a lot longer are some free rewards.

If you are interested in getting some free rewards by simply redeeming some codes, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will provide you a full list of all Roblox Island Royale Codes that offer exciting prizes. Additionally, I will also explain about redeeming them.

What are Roblox Island Royale Codes?

Island Royale is a fun Roblox battle royale game developed by LordJurrd in 2018. Just like any other battle royale game, your aim in the game is to be the last man standing while exploring a beautiful but deadly island. You have to defeat your opponents, earn bucks, and stand out among the rest. Using bucks, you can purchase a lot of items, skins, and other things.

However, it is a bit hard to earn them. A simpler method to get them for free is using the right codes. Island Royale codes are special promo codes generated by the game developers for the loyal players. These codes provide you with free rewards that are generally bucks, but sometimes they may drop other items like XP, skins, or other items.

Why are they useful for Island Royal Players?

Island Royale codes are very useful for the Island Royale players as they offer some free and instant bucks, XP, rare skins, and many other items. While there are other ways to get all these things in the game but they are not as easy as redeeming some codes. So, this may give you an edge over the other players.

You could be the one standing out of your squad flexing your shiny skins and other things. That’s why smart Island Royale players like you are always looking for the new codes. The developers keep generating them. So, they aren’t even a one-time thing.

How to Use Island Royale Codes to Get Rewards?

To use an Island Royale code, you just have to redeem it in the ‘Codes’ section. The process is really simple and straightforward. But, the game doesn’t guide the players about it so a lot of them are unaware. If you want to learn how to us an Island Royale code, follow the simple instructions mentioned below.

Step-1: Launch the game and click on the ‘Codes’ button present on the top section of the screen. You can find it next to ‘Shop.’

Step-2: When you click on it, a new screen will open with the redemption box. Enter the code you want to use in the box. You can copy the code from the list below and paste it in the box. Or, you can type it manually in the box.

Note: Island Royale codes are case-sensitive. This means that you have to enter the codes exactly like they are written here. Some of them also include numbers, so don’t ignore them.

Step-3: After entering the code, click on the ‘Redeem’ button. Wait for a couple of seconds and it’ll display the rewards you have got on the screen. Click on Close to complete the procedure.

That’s it. This is how you can use as many codes as you want and get ‘n’ number of rewards.

Island Royale Codes 2021 [Active+Expired]

Island Royale codes can help you to get a lot of free rewards including bucks, XP, and skins. Here I’m listing all the codes that you can use currently and the ones that have stopped working. So, you can use the working codes immediately and won’t have to waste your time on the expired ones. Also, if you find an active code not working, let me know so I can move it to the ‘expired list’ as it may have expired.

Active Codes

Here are the active Island Royale codes. You should use them ASAP or else they will expire.

  • ARENADINO: Use this code to get 10,000 free bucks.
  • fudgeofufools: Use this code to get a surprise reward.
  • newCODE: Use this code to get 5,000 free bucks.
  • THANGYYYYY: Use this code to get 6,000 free bucks.
  • CYBERRESPAWNS: Use this code to get 15,000 free bucks.
  • CHUBBYCODE: Use this code to get 10,000 free bucks.
  • c0de: (The 2nd character is Zero) Use this code to get 10,000 free bucks
  • WOAHACODE: Redeem this code for 15,000 free bucks.

We will keep updating this list with the new codes as soon as the developers generate them. So, don’t forget to keep checking us regularly.

Expired Codes

Here are Island Royale codes that used to work in the past but they don’t work anymore. These codes have expired. You should not waste your time trying to use them.


  • Y33HAW: 7,000 free bucks.
  • OGSOONAA: 10,000 free bucks.
  • 2020WOO: 10,000 free bucks.
  • COMMUNITYUPD8: 2,500 free bucks.
  • STACK: 1,000 free bucks.
  • COLDSSUCK: 5,000 free bucks.
  • VAL3NTINES: 6,000 free bucks.
  • BOOMLAM: 10,000 free bucks.
  • CMDS: 5,000 free bucks.
  • REDDOMCLIFF: 5,000 free bucks.
  • SANTASHEREWOO: 5,000 free bucks.
  • MAPSTUFF: 5,000 free bucks.
  • CHRISTMASSZN: 15,000 free bucks.
  • SEASON7: 5,500 free bucks.
  • LETITSNOW: 5,000 free bucks.
  • NEWSEASONCLOSE: 2,500 free bucks.
  • EGGCRAZINESS: 5,000 free bucks.
  • HEADLESSOOF: 2,500 free bucks.
  • NEWSEASONNEXT: 2,500 free bucks.
  • WOWOW: 1,500 free bucks.
  • HALLOWEENDAY: 2,500 free bucks.
  • SPOOKYSEASONAAA: 2,500 free bucks.
  • THEMSPOOKS: 2,000 free bucks.
  • TIKIBON: 1,500 free bucks.
  • GAMEMODESWOO: 7,500 free bucks.


  • NITROBOOST2WOO: 2,500 free bucks.
  • HAWYEE: 1,500 free bucks.
  • JULY4BRO: 5,000 free bucks.
  • OGOG: 7,500 free bucks.
  • 5SEASONS 5,000 free bucks.
  • MELONWATER 2,500 free bucks.
  • REDCLIFF 2,500 free bucks.
  • SOONSOON: 2,500 free bucks.
  • SIRDRAGOZ: 500 free bucks.
  • LETSBUILD: 4,000 free bucks.
  • ONEMILLIONFAVS: 2,500 free bucks.
  • DISCORDMEMBERSONLY: 5 free bucks.
  • TOMMY: 2,500 free bucks.
  • NEWMODES: 5,000 free bucks.
  • SIRDRAGOZ: 500 free bucks.
  • SQUADDEN: 500 free bucks.
  • urmom: 250 free bucks.
  • MERCHWOO: 2,500 free bucks.
  • OBAH: 500 free bucks.
  • ENDGAME: 2,500 free bucks.
  • MOO: 2,500 free bucks.
  • BOOMBOOMBOOM: 1,000 free bucks.
  • JUNGLY: 5,500 free bucks.
  • EASTER19: 5,000 free bucks.
  • EASTERDAY: 2,500 free bucks.
  • TIKTIME: 5,000 free bucks.
  • YEAHBOIO: 3,000 free bucks.
  • 2HUNDO: 2,000 free bucks.
  • waterMELON: 500 free bucks.
  • SEASON4: 6,500 free bucks.

We’ll keep adding the active codes to the expired list when they stop working. Can you see how much of the free stuff you have already missed by not visiting us before?

Final Words

Island Royale codes can help you to get free and instant rewards when you use them in the game. These are all the codes that you can redeem. The game developers keep generating new ones with every season, so we’ll continue adding them here. If you have any doubts or suggestions about anything written here, feel free to use the comment box.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful