CODM: How Can I Get More Ammo Points in the Counter Intel Event?

Counter Intel Event: A new COD Mobile Season usually means a lot of new weapons, maps, and other things to do. It’s the same in Season 2. 

Task Force 141 isn’t any different. In Counter Intelligence, there is now a new event that has come about because of the season. 

In this event, players have to hire agents to get into enemy territory and get rewards.

 A player needs ammunition points to move up in the event. Ammo Points are used to take over a part of the event. 

Counter Intel: So, how do you get more ammunition points in the Counter Intel Event? Let us show you.

How To Get More Ammo Points In CODM Counter Intel Event?

This event has a lot of ways for people to get ammo points, but there are a few. This is what we’ve done.

 Choose the option that best fits your playstyle from the list below.

Play Multiplayer And BattleRoyale

If you want to get ammo points in CODM, this is the most straightforward way. 

As long as you play in MP, you’ll get more ammo points. But BR is also an excellent way to get ammo points.

Play Hardpoint Shipment

Shipment is one of the best ways to get ammo points quickly for an event. 

Once the players are in the game, they should get the most kills and last as long as possible. 

If you do this, you’ll get a lot of ammo points. If you want to earn ammo points quickly, Domination Shipment is also a good choice. 

However, performance is significant in this choice. The more ammo points a player makes, the better they do.

Daily Mission

Each day, the players get two daily tasks. These daily missions are a great way to get more ammo points because each gives players 1000 ammo points. 

A player can get 2000 ammo points each day for completing their daily tasks, which is 1000 points each. 

Players can also change the daily mission for 40 credits if they want a different assignment or find the current one too hard. This can be done three times a day. 

In addition, there is also a Counter Intel mission that only players can do.

People who play in the CODM Counter Intel Event can earn more ammo points by following these steps.