How to hide your phone number when calling

Perhaps, you are looking for how to hide your phone number when calling someone else. If so, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will share with you some easiest methods about how to hide phone number when making a phone call.

A few days ago, when I was studying how to hide my phone number when calling for some private reason, I found a few easiest methods. Let’s discuss this topic in more detail and step-by-step.

Although the main function of a smartphone is voice calls, you can do various things with it. When you dial a number from your phone, your number floats to the person whose phone is being called. But when you call someone, you don’t want to show your number. Therefore, you are finding a way how to hide your phone number or how to hide your phone number when texting.

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Maybe for security reasons, or for some other reason. Besides, there are many facilities to call again by hiding the phone number. But let’s find out how to block a number. However, in many places, telecom operators will not allow this to happen.

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How to hide your phone number

how to block a number

Many networks give the option to hide numbers to hide phone number. It is possible to make voice calls from Android and iPhone without hiding your number. There are multiple ways to hide your phone number when calling. Keep in mind, however, that even if your number is hidden from a second person in this way, your call documents will remain with the network carrier.

Hide phone number *67

  1. First, copy the number you want to call.
  2. Now dial 67 by pressing the asterisk symbol (*) in the dialer app.
  3. Then paste the number you want to dial.
  4. Now call by pressing the call button.

If your operator supports this function, the phone you dialed will not show your number.

It can be slow to dial a certain number before the number every time you call someone. For that, Android and iPhone have special features which can be enabled to block caller ID in all calls.

  • Android customers open the Phone app, select the menu icon, open Call settings. Now disable the hide or show Caller ID toggle.
  • On the other hand, iPhone customers open Settings and select Phone. Disable the Show my Caller ID option here.

However, this way, caller ID blocks will not support all carriers. And for that, you can know the right way by calling the customer care of the telecom provider. There, you will find the official way to block caller ID in your career.

The FCC has required all telecom operators in the United States to allow users to prevent their numbers from being displayed on the caller ID. This allows them to hide their numbers and sometimes even their names, using the 5 following methods.

5 Ways to block or hide your number when making calls

1. Hide your number using *67

Do you want to know how to block your number? If so, then you can use *67 to hide your phone number. This method is suitable for smartphones and landlines. Open the phone keypad and dial * 6 7 followed by the number you want to dial.

Your number, when you are dialing using this method, the recipient will see as private or forbidden. However, you need to dial *67 every time you want to block your number.

2. Block your number using default settings on iOS and Android.

If you have an iPhone or Android device, please change the simple settings to automatically block your number. Therefore, every time you make a call, your number is private.

How to block your number on iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings” and click “Phone“.
  2. Then click to view my caller ID.
  3. Use the toggle switch to show or hide your number.

Remember that, Verizon Wireless does not support this feature, but I will tell you how to deal with it. This is the next step.

How to block your number on Android:

  1. Open the phone application and open the menu.
  2. Choose Settings, and then choose Call Settings.
  3. Click Advanced Settings, and then click Caller ID.
  4. Select “Hide Number” and your number will be hidden.

To turn off this feature on Android, select Show number or Default network. However, if your call is temporarily rejected, you can also use *82 to unlock your number. Some providers and users automatically block private numbers, so you can use this filter when using this code.

3. Tell your network provider to block your number

How to hide your phone number when calling

Not all devices have the same way to block your phone number, and it’s difficult to block them every time you make a call. Therefore, your wireless service provider can help you solve this problem. If you are using a different type of phone, ask your network service provider to block all outgoing calls. However, it is one of the best ways about how to hide your phone number.

Please dial 611 or your network customer care number to contact your provider. Be sure to indicate that you want to talk to “support” or “tech support“. Some wireless service providers’ lines will automatically transfer you to the billing department. However, this is a good option on how to block your number.

After your carrier assigns you a private number, if the call is rejected, you can still use *82. This step will temporarily unlock your number every time you make a call.

4. Use a Burner app to hide your phone number

If you don’t want to mess up your phone or carrier settings, then a burner app may be what you need. These applications use your internet data to make calls and effectively provide a second number for your mobile phone to use. Therefore, you can download hundreds of recording apps for iOS or Android, but these are my three favorites.

a) Burner App

For some reason, Burner is one of the most popular tools on iOS and Android devices. You can use the app to route calls directly to your extension, which means you don’t even have to hide them. The app offers a 7-day free trial, and then charges $5 per line per month. I did not rush for free, but it is much cheaper than many competitors.

b) Hushed App

Hushed apps cost you just $2 a week, you can get 60 text messages and 20 minutes of phone calls. You can cancel at any time. An unlimited plan for $5 per month is also available, but even with the basic plan, Hushed users can chat for free.

c) Google Voice

With Google Voice, you can choose a new phone number to make free voice calls, text messages, and audio messages. First, you need a valid Google account. Unlike other options, you don’t need to pay a monthly fee to use Google Voice. It uses the minutes and data from your existing phone, but the number displayed is your Google Voice number.

5. Control your landline phone

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a landline, there are many useful codes to help you control your privacy. Here are some of the more common codes that you can use with touch buttons:

* 57 Call Tracking: Track the last caller number. Useful when the call requires legal action.

* 60 Call Barring: Block calls from selected phone numbers and provides callers with an entry stating that they will not answer calls.

* 67 Caller ID blocking: Hide your phone number in the caller ID system.

* 69 Call Back: Redial the number that called you last time.

* 70 Call waiting: Put your call on hold so that you can answer another one.

* 72 Call forwarding: Transfer your call to another phone number.

* 77 Anonymous call rejection: Block calls from individuals.

* 80 Disable call blocking (* 60)

* 82 Disable caller ID blocking (* 67)

* 87 Disable anonymous call rejection (* 77)

Bonus Tips on how to hide your phone number:

Know if someone is blocking your number and you cannot communicate. In that case, it will definitely disappoint you. Maybe you are a little worried. what happened? The person you are trying to communicate with may have lost their phone or may have run out of battery.

He activated his mobile in silent mode or turned it off for some reason. However, many times I see people blocking numbers just by mistake and then forgetting to unblock them later. In that case, you won’t get any official notification if someone blocks your number. But of course, now you can guess the possible reason behind it.