Unlimited Pokecoins: How to Get Free Pokemon Go Coins?

Pokemon Go players are always looking for ways to get more and more coins. Recently, the developers have introduced certain changes in the game mechanics to make it more comfortable for players to play while staying at home. If you are unaware of these and want to know how you can get the maximum number of Pokemon Go coins, this post is specifically written for you.

Here, I will tell you about All the methods to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go. So, you never run out of the premium currency and can purchase whatever you want to progress. We will also talk about some so-called working Pokecoin Generator sites. 

What are the Coins in Pokemon Go (PokeCoins)?

Pokemon Go is a massively popular AR-based mobile game by Niantic. This addictive game allows the PokeFans to live their childhood dream of finding and catching Pokemons. Ever since the game was released, it had stayed consistently in the top-grossing charts of the world. The Pokemon Go Coins, also known as PokeCoins, is the game’s premium currency. You can use it to buy new items and upgrades in the game.

The PokeCoins do not come for free. You have to buy them using real money or earn them by interacting with the Gyms. There are a lot of items in Pokemon Go that you can get by playing regularly. But, there are certain items such as your trainer’s clothing, Lucky Eggs, permanent storage upgrades, etc that can only be bought by PokeCoins.

So, PokeCoins are invaluable for Pokemon Go players. That’s why they are always looking to get more and more of them.

How to Get PokeCoins in Pokemon Go?

As I have mentioned that there are two basic ways to get coins in Pokemon Go. One is by paying real money, and the other is by interacting with Gyms. In May 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Niantic announced that it will change the way how players can earn PokeCoins. They allowed players to get the coins by completing activities, taking part in challenges, and defending Gyms daily.

So, it became easier for players to get coins without having to spend much money. However, Niantic rolled out another update in October 2020 and canceled the new system. Now, again the only way to get coins for free is through the Pokemon Gyms. Or, if you are willing to spend money on them, you can buy them from the Shop.

The PokeCoins are not cheap. They are considerably costly, so one would think twice before spending their hard-earned money. That’s why I have collected some working methods to get coins for free without spending money.

How to Get Free Coins in Pokemon Go?

Since PokeCoins are very important for Pokemon Go players but they are costly, and everyone can’t afford them, I have found some working methods to get them for free. Here are some simple ways to get coins in Pokemon Go for free. Remember that you’ll have to do a little bit of hard work in these methods as well. Nothing comes for absolutely free indeed.

1. Use Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is a wonderful app by Google that allows you to earn credits for participating in simple surveys. You can then use your credits to buy PokeCoins from the Shop in Pokemon Go. Just install the app on your smartphone, register for an account, and start completing surveys to earn credits.

Some tips to earn more from this app include keeping the GPS on wherever you go, staying genuine with the surveys, and visiting restaurants, showrooms, and public places.

2. Participate in Giveaways & Contests

Participating in giveaways and contests, and then winning them is another way to get PokeCoins for free. If you are really lucky, this could be the best method for you. You can always find various giveaways and contests organized by YouTubers, Twitch & Facebook Streamers, and other Influencers on different social media platforms.

Get coins in Pokemon Go

You just need to participate in as many giveaways as you can, and then hope to win. One trick is to participate using multiple accounts to increases your odds of winning.

3. Use Online Earning Websites & Apps

There are several websites and apps available on the internet such as-

  • Inbox Dollar
  • PointsPrizes

and many more, that allows you to earn some money for completing simple offers. You just need to register for an account on these, and then start taking parts in activities such as surveys, referrals, etc. If you’ll put genuine efforts into the right apps, you can earn a good amount of money to spend on PokeCoins.

4. Ask them as your Gift

You can also get PokeCoins as your gift on special occasions such as your birthday, Christmas, New Year, or any other event. You can simply inform your relatives, friends, and family that you only want the coins as your present, and they’ll easily agree.

Get Coins in Pokemon Go

These days gifting gift cards such as Google Play vouchers, iTunes gift cards, etc have become common. You can get them, and then use them to buy coins in Pokemon Go.

Do Pokemon Go Coin Generators Work?

When you go looking for free PokeCoins on the internet, the first thing you’ll meet is some Pokemon Go Coin Generators that claim you to give unlimited coins for free. Such pokecoins generators make false claims in such a manner that any innocent being would fall for them. However, you should NEVER fall into their trap.

Get coins in Pokemon Go

All Pokemon Coin Generators claiming to hack the servers and grant you unlimited coins are FAKE and SCAM. You should simply stay away from them. These scammers will only steal your sensitive information, infect your system with viruses or malware, and make you do useless tasks in the name of ‘human verification.’

They will never give you anything in return. So, stay away from them. Don’t ever try to use them or you may even put your Pokemon Go account at risk.

Final Take

Pokemon Go Coins are an essential part of the game. You will always need them to buy items like Premium Raid Pass, Max Revive, Max Potion, Storage upgrades, etc. However, these coins are costly. 100 coins will cost you a dollar, while $100 dollars will give you 14,500 coins. One would always think twice before spending their money on them. So, I’ve provided methods to earn PokeCoins for free.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box to share your opinions about it.