Lost Ark players mock “terrible” Sorceress armor progression.

The MMO RPG from Smilegate Lost Ark is a big hit, but the game is far not immune to criticism. 

Along with various technical issues, The game has also faced criticism due to its class-specific genders. This includes the entire female Sorceress class.

Lost Ark users who are on Reddit Recently, Reddit users had a little bit of fun with the cost of Sorceress clothing choices. 

One Reddit user observed that “pants” worn by the Sorceress class become increasingly sloppy as they progress in rank and created a humorous image that portrays the trend until it reaches its end.

Reddit user ZhumosTheBlue has created an image that shows three pants ordered from the lowest level to the highest level. 

The first set, Blessed Earth Pants, is level 70 and looks like an old pair of brown pants.

 The next item, level 90, Brilliant Director Pants, are an expensive bikini bottom. 

The next item comes the Level 302 Crossing Paths Pants, a much less tight bikini. The last image shows a string with the label “ilvl 1,000?”

“As the first player to level as a sorceress,” the most popular post reads, “I believe that I will make it to the finish line and get two band-aids and a cork to make armor.” 

Another player commented that most high-level sorceresses appear to be slouching around in the shape of a “summer-dress bikini.”

 Although that’s not as much as the first comment stated, it suggests that items for a late-game may lack variety in their style.

 Others complained that the late-game items in Lost Ark Sorceress equipment aren’t only basic and boring to encourage players to purchase more expensive skins for their characters.

A smart commenter suggested that maybe the Sorceress’s magic is driven by photosynthesis, and their clothing allows them to receive the most sun they can get. 

While this critique could be directed at various other games, many other RPGs can boast beautiful female characters without being as far from the edge of the water as Lost Ark does

The more skimpy outfits make it difficult to take this game as seriously.

As for the jokes, the absence of variety is the biggest criticism against the game’s apparel design. 

While many games feature a sloppy wardrobe for female characters, this one stands out due to Lost Ark’s controversial gender locking. 

The criticisms didn’t only pertain to the Sorceress as well, with Lost Ark’s Paladin and Bard getting a lot of criticism for their outfits.

Lost Ark is now available for Windows PC.