“Lost Ark” breaks records in its debut.

“Lost Ark” breaks records: Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG offer a new, free-to-play massively online, action-based game to its customers, bringing more than 1.325 million players concurrently.

On the 11th of February, Amazon Games launched Lost Ark, an online, free-to-play gaming experience online (MMOARPG) created with South Korean developer Smilegate RPG.

 The game was released just five months after the launch in Amazon Games’ New World; Lost Ark has been greeted with a tremendous response, reaching over 1.325 million players concurrently playing on Steam within less than 24 hours, making it the platform’s second-highest-rated game played in the past 24 hours. 

Just a few days after the game’s launch, Lost Ark is now Steam’s most-played MMORPG to date.

“We’re working in partnership with Smilegate RPG to add more information, regularly update the game, and to maintain a vibrant worldwide player community within Lost Ark for the foreseeable future,” said Christoph Hartmann, Director of Sales and Marketing, Amazon Games.

The building of momentum

The launch took place during the head-start period between February 8 and 11, which included the first play to players who bought the Founder’s Packs. 

The head-start period saw Lost Ark reach 1.2 million streamers concurrently on Twitch, and 532,000 gamers were playing on Steam. 

More than sixty million hours of gaming have been watched on Twitch in February.

What can we expect from the limited power and illumination of the Lost Ark? 

Players can select between 15 hero classes that can be customized with various adaptable and interchangeable skills. 

Gear in-game and the ranked and unranked mode and even end-game content like raids and dungeons are open to players of all levels. 

The action is happening all over the globe, and players can explore, grow and defend their private islands.