Google Chrome is now the fastest web browser on macOS, not Safari.

Chrome is now the fastest web browse: Google has been hard at work to improve Chrome’s performance. Google released the Chrome 99 update just before the milestone 100th update.

The latest update achieved a significant feat. Chrome is now faster than the native Safari browser on Apple’s macOS desktop platform.

Google Chrome is the fastest web browser on macOS.

Google boasted in a recent blog post about Chrome 99’s performance with Macs. 

According to Google, it tested Chrome 99’s latest version with the Speedometer 2.0 benchmarking software. 

Apple’s Safari team developed this tool to evaluate the performance of web browsers. Chrome is the browser that has received the highest score.

 Speedometer 2.0 simulates web application operations to test a browser’s responsiveness.

“We are excited to announce that Chrome on Mac has attained the highest score of any browser to date – 300 – in Apple’s Speedometer benchmark, which evaluates responsiveness of a browser,” wrote Google in a blog post.

The Speedometer 2.0 tool was used to test the performance of Chrome 99 on Windows 11.

 It scored 151, half the score Google claims Chrome 99 received on macOS.

According to Google, one of the critical improvements that Chrome 99 on macOS has made is the enabling ThinLTO which “inlines speed-critical parts of the codebase even when they span multiple file or libraries” according to Google. ” The result? 

The company claims that Chrome is now 7% faster than Safari.

Google also stated that Chrome’s visual performance was 15% better on macOS with the most recent update. This is thanks to the ThinLTO technology. 

This would be especially useful for websites that depend on 3D renderings or manipulate images and videos. Chrome is 43% faster than it was 17-months ago on Macs.

Although benchmarks don’t determine how fast a browser runs, they give Google Chrome an advantage over Safari.