Does Pegasus Hacked Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s phone?

Does Pegasus Hacked Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s phone?

The country is buzzing with the Pegasus Project. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Modi government as soon as it was made public. In the meantime, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is also terrified of Pegasus.

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Meanwhile, Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chowdhury said Imran’s phone was being checked. It is being investigated whether Pegasus also hacked his phone.

However, the Washington Post claimed on Monday that it had found a list of possible Israeli-made Pegasus numbers. Which contains a number that Imran once used. And then the Pak government became anxious.

Fawad Chowdhury said the Pakistani government has already launched an investigation into the matter. If it is known that the phone of the Pakistani Prime Minister was really hacked, then they will raise this issue in the appropriate place. Pakistani ‘Dawn’ newspaper reported this news on Tuesday morning.

Yesterday on Monday, the Pak Information Minister expressed his concern in this regard. “We are deeply concerned about how the Indian government has been known to use the Israeli software to monitor journalists and political opponents,” Fawad said.