How to Fix YouTube Error 400?

YouTube is the largest and most popular video viewing website and application and it is the second most popular search engine in the world. If you are looking for movie trailers, music videos, news, DIY (Do It Yourself) video tutorials, educational tutorials, news and more, YouTube is the best website and easy to use the app for Entertainment and Education. As it is a Google product, it works quite well but sometimes you may encounter some common errors (YouTube Error 400, YouTube Error 401, YouTube Error 404, YouTube Error 500, YouTube Error 503, etc.) while watching videos.

Fix Youtube error 400

YouTube 400 error occurs in many situations when we browse the YouTube website on a computer, when we use the YouTube mobile app and when we open the YouTube app on a smart TV. Therefore, in the following article, we will list different solutions according to different possible occasions.

Possible solutions for YouTube Error 400:

Solution 1 – Clear the cache and cookies from your browser

YouTube 400 Error may happen while you are surfing the video and you send a bad part of the YouTube server in the request, or if the browser tries to use something already cached. Just clear the cache and cookies and restart your system. This may be the solution to your problem.

When we say to clear the cache, we really mean everything. Please make sure you delete all data by selecting the “start-time” option.

Solution 2: Fix YouTube error 400 using F5 (refresh the page)

F5 is a function key and command to refresh windows PC. Just right click on the mouse refresh option and now press F5 many times to refresh the PC. Sometimes it works to fix the YouTube 400 error, and most importantly, there are no side effects of doing so, which will help your laptop / PC run faster. This is the easiest thing you can do without any special skills and will fix such errors in most cases.

If you have refreshed the page and the YouTube error 400 continues, go to the next solution to fix the error. Right-click the mouse button, a window will appear, select refresh options and after clicking on the refresh button, press the F5 function key on the keyboard in order to refresh your computer.

Solution 3: Clear cookies for YouTube

Since it is not easy to delete all cookies and lose all saved settings and re-enter the login password for every website again, you should clear YouTube cookies instead

  • Click on the menu bar in your browser and go to Settings.

  • Scroll down and you will see advanced options at the bottom, click on it.
  • In the advanced options, move to the content settings you will find under Privacy and Security and move to Cookies and click.

  • You will find all the cookies stored. Search for Youtube cookies by typing YouTube in the search bar. All the cookies related to Youtube will appear. Click Delete All and all YouTube cookies will be deleted. Close your browser and restart your system.
  • Delete confirmation

Note: We found this method to work 100% of the time. The only drawback is that it will take you out of your YouTube account.

Solution 4: Check for errors in the URL

The first important thing to check when you encounter a YouTube 400 error is caused by a typo URL (that is, anything other than spelling errors) or that the clicked link is the wrongly formed URL like missed Grammar problems.

Note: In most cases, the problem is that the error occurs because special characters or are generally not allowed in the URL. Therefore, please return to the standard YouTube URL and search for the video you want by typing the video title.

Solution 5: Change to incognito mode in your browser / try resetting browser settings.

If Youtube is unable to open the video for you, another easy solution will be to enter the incognito mode. While facing “Youtube 400 Error”, going incognito mode can help if there is a problem with your Chrome settings.

  • Try resetting it by going to advanced settings.
  • From the browser’s menu bar, go to settings.
  • At the bottom, you will find advanced expansion options. You will get a reset option at the very end of the advanced settings.

  • Click here and confirm the reset.

Solution 6: Reinstall Chrome

If you try all four of the options above, it’s very unlikely that you will have to take a lot of steps to re-install the Chrome browser, but sometimes extensions or external programs can mess with your browser files. This may cause conflicts or cause file corruption and in such a scenario, installing a new browser is a sure-fire way to get rid of this annoying error every time.

Solution 7: Fix YouTube 400 errors on phones.

“When switching from an Android application that uses the webView and Intent functions to watch YouTube videos with the YouTube app, I get the error “There is a problem with the network [400]”

On this occasion, you can try to sign out of the YouTube app first and then sign in again. If that doesn’t work, you should try the best suggestions. You must replace the YouTube video link directly to be just a video ID. It works every time.

Solution 8: Fix YouTube Error 400 on Smart TV

Check that the device is in the latest software. If this is the latest information and the YouTube 400 error still exists, you may try disconnecting the power supply for a few minutes. If it still doesn’t work, the final solution is to hard reset your device or restore the default settings. With these steps, you will get all of YouTube.


Why did we get the YouTube 400 error? Your client issued a wrong or illegal request. That is all we know and the reason why the error occurred is not clear. The method set above will work in different situations. However, if you have suggestions on how to fix this error, please write in the comment section.

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