How to Get the Terra Magica Buff Spell in Elden Ring

Terra Magica Buff Spell in Elden Ring: With the Elden Ring, it’s easy to make a powerful spell-slinger. There are a lot of spells, incantations, and skills that players can unlock, and many of them can do a lot of damage to enemies.

 When you add that to the fact that mages can choose from a wide range of armor sets and weapons that have their magical buffs, it’s easy to see why it’s so easy for them to beat certain bosses.

Still, some spells can make even a mediocre mage seem like an all-powerful, unstoppable magical machine. Terra Magica, a buff spell, is an excellent example of this.

 It makes any player’s magic do more damage, so powerful spells like Comet Azur and Rock Sling can hit much harder.

 Anyone who wants to become a mage will want to bring Terra Magica with them on their journey to the Elden Ring. This is where you can find it.

Where To Find Terra Magica In Elden Ring

Those who want to get their hands on Terra Magica must first go to Liurnia of the Lakes. The sorcery is at the end of a cave, which can be hard to find if you aren’t actively looking in every corner of the large area. 

Even though the cave will eventually lead to a part of the zone that players couldn’t get to before, they don’t have to go to Raya Lucaria Academy to get to this area.

 You can also get to this area without fighting Godrick if you skip Stormveil Castle. This is great for players who want to do more damage before taking on the first Demi-God.

Academy Crystal Cave is the first place you need to go to find Terra Magica. The entrance is west of Raya Lucaria Academy, close to the Site of Grace in the Crystalline Forest. 

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From that Site of Grace, players can go east and hug the island wall that marks Raya Lucaria Academy on the map. As players move south along this wall, they should come across a mist gate and a Stone Imp that can only be opened with a Stonesword Key. After breaking through the barrier, players will be in the Academy Crystal Cave.

Some parts of the cave can be pretty dark, so players should bring a torch or lantern. Once players reach the boss room, they’ll have to fight two Crystalians, one with a staff and the other with a spear. 

If you haven’t fought these bosses or ones like them before, you’ll need to chip away at their shield until they start to stumble. 

This will break their strong shield, causing them to take more damage. After beating the bosses, players can take the elevator in the back of the room and go up the tower is a part of Raya Lucaria that they couldn’t get to before. 

At the top of a winding staircase, they’ll find a chest. At the top, there is a chest with Terra Magica in it.

What does the Terra Magica do?

Terra Magica is a Glintstone Sorcery that is not too complicated. A big Glintstone Glyph will appear on the ground when you use it. 

If a player stands inside this mark, all magical damage from all sources will increase by 35%. This can help spells and other magic items in a big way. 

For the buff to work, players have to be inside the circle. It lasts about 30 seconds, and each time a player wants to use it, it will cost them 20 FP. 

You’ll need at least 20 Intelligence to cast the spell and get the buff if you want to bring Terra Magica with you.