Where to Get Fur Scraps in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise: It’s not a fact that Monster Hunter Rise players can outfit the hunter in powerful armor and weapons with crafting, but they can also craft equipment for their companions.

 In the game Monster Hunter Rise, the players can access different Palico and Palamute’s, basically the dogs and cats from the Monster Hunter universe.

 Players will have to talk to an NPC located in Kamura Village if they would like to make equipment to use for their Buddy. 

However, players must first find access to sure Scraps, including the Fur Scraps.

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Find a Buddy Smithy

To earn Fur Scraps, players can sell their items to one of Buddy Smithies in Kamura Village. 

Kojiri, the Buddy Smithy, hangs out close to Nakago The Blacksmith at the top of the Gathering Hub. 

One Buddy Smithy is in the central part of the village close to Hinoa’s village Quest Counter. 

The shop’s name is Kisaki, and the store is situated to the right of Hamon, the Blacksmith’s shopfront.

When speaking with Buddy Smithy, players will be presented with a variety of choices, among which is to trade scraps for. 

When Monster Hunter Riseplayers decide to go with this option, they’ll be shown several pages of Scraps that they can make using different materials.

 Fur Scrap is one of the items on the list and must be located on the first page.

 There’s also a “plus” version of Fur Scrap which means that if you are searching for a particular kind of scrap, make sure you are aware of the materials being created before losing items.

To receive fur scraps of the Buddy Smithy, players need to offer them warm Pelt, Bullfango Pelts, and Gargwa Feathers. 

Warm Pelt can make using Low-Rank Kelbi and Anteka. Bullfango Pelts are obtain by carving Bullfango, and Gargwa Feathers are make by carving Gargwa.

What Can use Fur Scraps

 Can use Fur Scraps to create Buddy equipment in the Buddy Smithy.

 There is currently only Palico equipment make using Fur Scraps, and there’s no option for Palamutes.

Palico Equipment Built from Fur Scraps

  •  Gargwa Set – F Grilled Hammer (x1)
  •  Popo Set – F Fish Stick (x1)
  • Felyne Paws Set – F Paw Punch (x1)
  •  Gargwa Set – F Gargwa Mask (x1) F Gargwa Vest (x1)
  • Felyne Popo Set – F Popo Head (x1) F Popo Wear (x1)

Monster Hunter Rise is available for PC as well as Nintendo Switch.