How To Get Sulphur in V Rising

Get Sulphur in V Rising: In V Rising, gamers have a lot of reasons to make the most incredible gems and trinkets. The job title itself appears to be lucrative, and it is. Masters will be able to create legendary goods and use them to gain an advantage over PvP or PvE opponents.

However, just because you desire to be wealthy and well-equipped does not mean you will be. Sulphur is a common resource in V Rising and can be found in almost any place with a plain stone. 

However, it will take more than an occasional Sulphur node to fulfil the vampire’s cravings to rise the ranks and develop the greatest.

Finding Sulphur

The Best Farming Location

Thankfully, utilizing a quick travel point transports players to an undeniably fantastic sulphur farm. The Bandit Sulphur Quarry is located in the Farbane Woods on the western shore. Given the name, it’s no surprise that this location will have plenty of sulphur to fill the player’s inventory.

The front gates are defended to some extent, but not by a high-level foe. When they’re ready to collect sulphur, gamers will have far out levelled the guards on duty. Grab as much as you can, then flee before any opponents arrive, seeking a quick kill.

Making Sulphur

Sulphur ore is extracted here, although it isn’t truly sulphur yet. Visit the castle’s furnace, or build one if the vampire hasn’t done so yet. Use it, then look for a formula to turn the ore into pure sulphur. 

The ratios given by each server will vary, but expect to pay a high price; a fifteen ore to one sulphur ratio is on the generous side.

It’s then ready to be utilized in the same furnace to manufacture gold ingots. Combine golden jewellery with sulfur, and gold nuggets will begin to flow. With other recipes on the way, there’s no need to transform all of the sulphur into gold ingots just yet; just enough for now.