Malenia Healing Bug in Elden Ring after Patch 1.04

Malenia Healing Bug in Elden Ring : Malenia has never lost, and now more than ever, she hasn’t. You and her fight will be one of the hardest, if not the hardest, fights in this game. Patch 1.04 doesn’t say anything about Malenia, but a significant bug has popped up during your fight with Malenia in Elden Ring. How to deal with it until it’s fixed:

Malenia Healing Bug in Elden Ring after Patch 1.04

This means that if the fight wasn’t hard enough (where Malenia could heal herself even when she was blocked), now Malenia is broken. She heals herself all the time without even hitting you, making her (almost) unbeatable. A non-legendary player like me is having trouble because she is so powerful now.

People who are summoning a player to fight against them are mostly the ones who are getting this. This OP Malenia boss fight will only happen if you fight her alone or play the game alone. Even though it’s a bug, it might show up even if you’re playing alone because it’s a glitch. But it won’t happen as often as when you play in co-op mode.

Many people have talked about this bug on Reddit, and even Let Me, Solo, Her has said that it exists. Here’s a video showing how the boss fight is going right now. She still has a lot of strength in him:

This is a big deal despite what we said because co-op players are having trouble with Malenia. In Patch 1.04, there were a lot of changes made to multiplayer. Most likely, something went wrong with one of the changes. The devs made the online multiplayer more stable, fixed bugs with Steam multiplayer, and more. This should be fixed soon, but if not, Let Me Solo her will be our only hope.