10 Best MMO Mouse for Excellent Gaming Experience

Massively multiplayer online games are becoming significant modes of entertainment at present. With its increasing demand among gamers all over the world, MMO mice are getting introduced with the latest features to provide game-lovers the scope to enjoy every action and aspect of gaming. Practically MMO mice give users an extra keyboard to make gameplay more comfortable to them.

10 Best MMO Mouse

It’s the right time for investing in an MMO mouse so that you can play online games on your gaming PC using that MMO mouse. Are you confused with your choice of an MMO mouse? Read the article to know about the features, benefits, and limitations of some MMO mice that are available in the market and then choose an ideal mouse that will suit best with your needs.

1. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse

  • Users can enjoy playing games with this mouse that has been built with Corsair Slipstream Wireless Technology to provide wireless speed.
  • It can be connected with a PC with its low latency Bluetooth or USB wired.
  • Play longer without fatigue with this lightweight mouse which comes with up to 60 hours of life.
  • Six programmable buttons have been included so that users can play their way with powerful macros in order to remap gaming advantage.
  • Ultra-durable Omron Switches have been reviewed to endure more than 50 million clicks.
  • Its optical sensor provides 10,000 DPI so that users can confidently make crucial shots whenever needed.
  • Rubber grips and contoured shape give you comfort for a long time and make you confident about your grip.
  • This mouse shares compatibility with Xbox one for playing mouse enabled games.
  • Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless Mouse has become one of the favorite MMO mice of gamers for its simple setup facility that enables them to play faster.
  • Connect the wireless adapter to a USB port and switch the mouse on. You can enjoy playing games more than before.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • High Performance
  • Affordable
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Suitable for right-handed people only

2. Razer Basilisk Hyperspeed Mouse

  • Razer Basilisk Hyperspeed mouse is considered to be 25% faster than competing wireless mice.
  • Latest Razer HyperSpeed Technology has been assembled in this mouse to bring together interface reduction as well as extremely low latency for true wireless freedom.
  • Its dual-mode connectivity supports both Bluetooth and HyperSpeed wireless for effective power consumption and lag-free gaming respectively.
  • While playing games, this Razer MMO mouse allows you to tap on its wireless ultra-fast performance for up to 2585 hours. Users can also switch to Bluetooth mode for extended use with up to 450 hours of battery life.
  • An optical sensor with 16,000 DPI ensures that all the movements of your mouse are tracked including the finest to provide you an acute level of precision for greatly elusive maneuvers and game-winning headshots.
  • Users don’t even feel that they are using a wireless mouse, for its seamless frequency hopping and low latency in noisy environments.
  • Razer Basilisk Hyperspeed Mouse has been designed to deliver precise as well as fast clicks and it is ideal for extensive gaming.
  • Enjoy all aspects of gaming with up to 40G acceleration and 450 IPS tracking speed that is provided by this mouse.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Two options for connections
  • Long-lasting and well-performing battery
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • No indicator for DPI
  • No wired backup

3. Razer DeathAdder V2

  • Users will certainly enjoy the slick movement of this mouse which is perfect for the smoothest gaming experience.
  • It is 3x faster than conventional mechanical switches and its switches use light-beam actuation registering button presses at speed of light.
  • This mouse has been provided with a drag-free cord that is well known for wireless-like performance.
  • The requirement for mouse bungees has been eliminated by Razer Speedflex cables by drastically lessening weight along with drag for absolute control.
  • Most interestingly, it comes with customizable, immersive Chroma RGB lighting and supports 16.8 million colors including preset profiles.
  • Its 8 programmable buttons allow assigning and remapping of complex macro functions using Razer Synapse.
  • On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment is offered through dedicated DPI buttons ideal for gaming.
  • This mouse comes with a 100% PTTE mouse feet so that gamers can comfortably enjoy gameplay all the times they play games.
  • It features an improved ergonomic form factor that has given the mouse a great look along with durability. Razer DeathAdder V2 comes with up to 5 profiles’ on-board memory.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Feels large even in small hands
  • Sophisticated and comfortable design
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • No scroll wheel tension adjuster has been added

4. SteelSeries Rival 710 Mouse

  • You will be glad to know that the SteelSeries Rival 710 mouse comes with a TrueMove3 350 IPS optical sensor. Its optical sensor has been exclusively built with PixArt so that gamers can play with pinpoint accuracy as well as 1 to 1 tracking.
  • Moreover, it features an OLED display that provides access to on-the-fly sensitivity settings, in-game statistics, personalized GIFs, discord notifications, and button mapping.
  • You will feel the game with immersive tactile alerts. Every aspect of the alerts from vibration patterns to intensity can be customized.
  • The modular ID of this mouse allows users to swap sensors or change cable and to cover exactly what is needed for maximizing their personal performances.
  • Reinforced split-trigger switches come with 60 million click mechanical switches ensuring durability and precision.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Well balanced
  • Compact with the latest features
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Bit expensive

5. Razer Viper Ultralight Ambidextrous Wired Mouse

  • This zero-compromise lightweight eSports mouse features high precision, an ideal optical sensor suitable for most of the gamers without the requirement of drilling holes in the chassis.
  • It comes with faster than conventional mechanical switches and its optical switches utilize beam-based light actuation for absolute control registering button presses at speed of light.
  • Reconfiguration and assignment of complex macro functions are allowed by its 8 programmable buttons on both sides through Razer Synapse 3.
  • Drag-free cord is potent enough to perform like a wireless mouse. The need for mouse bungees has been erased by Razer Speedflex cables by remarkably reducing drag and weight.
  • Enjoy playing games with this mouse that comes with greater flexibility for uninterrupted swipes for smooth control.
  • Its optical switches are rated for 70 million clicks.
  • Besides ambidextrous design, its Razer Chroma lighting feature has made it popular among gamers.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Lightweight
  • Great performance
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Slight expensive

6. HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB Mouse

  • This mouse has onboard memory for storing all customizations. Most interestingly, it can store up to 3 profiles to Pulsefire Surge.
  • It shares compatibility with powerful HyperX NGenuity software. Furthermore, you can customize lighting effects, and set program buttons and DPI and save those to onboard memory with the help of NGenuity software.
  • Its reliable and well responsive switches have been rated for 50 million clicks. You will be happy to know that it provides tactile crisp feedback so that you get enough confidence in your inputs.
  • Players enjoy improved accuracy with the responsive and fluid tracking of its sensor.
  • Enjoy gameplay with dynamic and dazzling 360 degrees RGB effects. You will build an edge in customizable style with its stunning smooth lighting ring.
  • A maximum acceleration of 50G is provided by this mouse with the symmetrical form factor.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]


[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]



  • Sophisticated yet comfortable switches
  • Brilliant RGB lighting


  • No customizable weight

7. Roccat Kain 202 AIMO Mouse

  • Titan click buttons are hinged and come with a low-tolerance spring that cushions each click. Such exceptional precision is ensured with every press.
  • A mouse wheel click is equally solid as a normal click for the presence of Titan wheel 2.0. The improved design of this MMO mouse provides defined and responsive scrolling steps.
  • A click with the kain can register up to 8ms and the click is faster than others for its improved switch mechanism and smart algorithm of the firmware.
  • Its ergonomic shape in every part from the scroll wheel to buttons gives it an attractive look. This mouse has been finely crafted with precision so that users can enjoy gaming to a great extent.
  • Users get interested in buying this MMO mouse particularly for its grips, resistance power, and durability. The perfect finish of it enables you to keep a firm hold of its kain even at the time of the most exciting gaming session.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Improved wheel
  • Excellent firmware
  • Great battery life
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • No storage for a USB dongle

8. SteelSeries Sensei Ten Mouse

  • TrueMove Optical sensor for gaming has been assembled in this mouse with advanced 1 to 1 tracking.
  • You will feel crisp from the first to last of clicks and the mechanical switches can endure 60 million clicks.
  • SteelSeries Sensei Ten mouse is made with hyper durable materials and engineered with the best grade polymer so that the mouse can provide great service for long.
  • Most interestingly, onboard memory has been included so that users can save custom commands. Key binds, polling rate, as well as up to 5 CPIs are seen directly on the mouse. Users prefer this mouse for its great performance with 450 inches per second tracking speed.
  • Its ambidextrous comfortable design besides its iconic shape is ideal for use by both left-handed and right-handed people.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Powerful mechanical switches
  • Attractive design
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • No braided cables

9. Corsair Ironclaw RGB Mouse

  • Corsair Ironclaw RGB mouse is perfect for palm grips for larger hands. Its contoured shape and lightweight design have been included accordingly.
  • Corsair’s most advanced optical sensor is potent enough for giving total sensitivity customization as well as ultra-accurate tracking.
  • Omron ultra-durable switches are rated for more than 50 million clicks.
  • With two-zone, dynamic RGB backlighting users experience various customizations effects and presets that perfectly match the setup of the users.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Robust build
  • Excellent RGB backlighting
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Heavy middle click

10. Razer Basilisk V2

  • Its optical sensor offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through the reprogrammable and dedicated DPI buttons.
  • The mechanical switches are 3x faster than conventional switches,
  • Light-beam based actuation is used by the New Razer optical mouse switches.
  • It is perfect for absolute control and complete immersion.
  • The drag-free cord can perform well and give users the feel of using a wireless mouse.
  • 11 programmable buttons allow users to reconfigure and assign complex macro functions with the help of Razer Synapse 3.
  • Users can complete their setup with a full lineup for absolute gaming experience.
  • It comes with a right-handed ergonomic form factor.
[infobox color=”#59d600″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-up”]Pros[/infobox]
  • Easily customizable with Razer Synapse
  • Sophisticated and comfortable design
[infobox color=”#dd0202″ textcolor=”#ffffff” icon=”thumbs-down”]Cons[/infobox]
  • Limited onboard memory

Final Words:

First, fix what your demands are, and which mouse suits your pocket. Here all features, pros, and cons have been given so that you can understand which one is well suited with all your demands. Choose a mouse that will give you absolute comfort so that you can enjoy playing online games on your PC. You also must remember the capability of the optical sensor which is one of the most significant requirements of MMO mouse. High polling rates of an MMO mouse indicate that it will work with the fast response time. Enjoy every aspect of gaming with an MMO mouse and experience all thrilling actions in a game. What are you waiting for? Order one MMO mouse for you from Amazon or buy it offline and play online games on your gaming PC.