Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes (April 2022)

Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes: Dragon Ball Legends is an action RPG game that has been adapted from the cult Dragon Ball anime series. Like different Gacha games, Dragon Ball Legends also offers a variety of in-game purchases, which can aid players in getting ahead of the game. 

They can be gems, coins, Summon Herbs, Hero Shards and lots of other things in the game. While buying these items may be expensive, you could receive these items at no cost with a bit of assistance from these Dragonball Legends Redeem Codes.

Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes (April 2022)

Dragon Ball Legends Redeem Codes (Active)

  • Freepull30 200x Gems and 2 advanced summon orbs
  • b6AyELBt: 500x Gems
  • W3cBk2QJ S rank Piccolo
  • wayline7yz 300x Gems
  • waylinexxk 300x Gems
  • wayline628 300x Gems
  • X6AyEGBv: 300x Gems
  • Resource999: 199x Gems & 9999 Coins
  • i4PNW4nV: 100x Gems & 500,000 Coins
  • qhebjHH: 500x Gems
  • B5kMAvGk: 400x Gems
  • b4PMjyud: 200x Gems
  • L5kJ69m: 20x SS Hero Shards
  • R5kKCeDw: 200x Gems &2 Senzu Beans
  • OneIsAll: Gems & Coins

Since redeem codes usually expire very fast, we suggest to redeem your codes at the earliest time possible. In addition, redeem codes generally have a maximum redemption limit. 

When this amount is exhausted, you’ll no longer be able to redeem the codes. Once the codes run out, you’ll be waiting for new codes to be released to receive your reward.

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Redeem Codes (Expired)

There are no Dragon Ball Legends Codes available at the moment.

How To Redeem Codes?

To redeem codes for codes in Dragon Ball Legends is relatively easy. Follow the steps listed in the following paragraphs to accomplish this.

  • Play Dragon Ball legends on your device.
  • Visit the profile of the player on the left-hand side.
  • Select the Redeem Code option.
  • You can enter one of the codes that work from the above list. Make sure that you enter exactly the way described in the previous paragraph. If it differs in any way, the code won’t function. Even the most minor changes like Space Caps On/Off affect the results.
  • Click on Exchange.
  • The rewards are now accessible to you.

How To Find New Redeem Codes?

To locate redemption codes that are new to redeem the latest redemption codes for Dragon Ball legends, you can follow their social media channels, such as Twitter and Instagram.

 It’s not just the best place to look for new codes and keep current on the game. Every new code is posted here. Additionally, you can connect to the Discord server to play the game. 

It is also possible to check back here since we will regularly update this list with any new codes we receive.