How to Get Crude Gems in V Rising

Get Crude Gems in V Rising: Harvesting resources in V Rising is usually a straightforward process: discover the resource you need on the map, then travel to that location.

However, gamers who attempt to duplicate this technique for any essential gems will be disappointed. They aren’t easy to locate on a map.

Furthermore, none of them reproduce regularly. Stone nodes may be gem nodes, but hoping for the best isn’t the ideal method to find a treasure trove of gems. However, don’t give up! In V Rising, a few locations are great for gem farming.

Finding Crude Gems

Best Farming Locations

Finding the most significant gem farming locations required a collaborative effort from the whole community. The players must consider factors like where the stone nodes are located, where the Stone Giants patrol, respawn times, and how long it takes to get between nodes.

The optimal location is excellent for individuals who have learned to move quickly since it has a waygate inside its borders. There aren’t any dangerous adversaries in this section in the initial area and directly outside of a spawn place. It’s safe, fast, and guaranteed to have a few gem nodes on each run.

Bedrock Pass, another area in the northern Dunley Farmlands, contains frequent jewels and labels, albeit it’s a little out of the way. Gamers who have constructed a castle in the region are likely to have done so primarily to farm this site regularly.

What To Look For

Look for colorful shards protruding from the base of stone nodes. This symbol indicates a gem node. For quick farming, grab a mace and slash away at it until the node vanishes. Gather the diamonds. Also, any Stone Golems walking about this region will drop a crude gem.

Don’t give up if your luck doesn’t turn after a first pass. Swat at the game’s normal stone nodes to have it repopulate them after a bit. There’s a vital chance gem node will replace these old nodes. 

Gems including ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, misty stone, and amethyst will erupt from these rocks. Vampires should have enough after a few sweeps to make almost any item they choose.