How To Get Silver In V Rising

Get Silver In V Rising: Finding Silver in V Rising has proven to be a challenge. Unlike discovering iron, there is no probability for nodes to spawn outside of a few specified regions. 

However, many players discover that they can locate everything except silver in densely inhabited, resource-rich places.

In some ways, this is a good thing. When players find silver in V Rising, they get a debuff when they hold it. But it’s necessary; converting silver into coins is one of the few ways vampires can do business with each other. Finding them is a trip, but one worth taking.

Finding Mourning Lilies

Best Farming Spot

Many guides advise using rapid transit to reach the Silverlight Hills, although they are sparse on specifics. There are a few sparse silver nodes here and there, but they are not common. 

Go inside the cave in the far northwestern corner to cultivate most successfully.

There are some mid-tier opponents here and more silver nodes than elsewhere. In just a few minutes, users will be able to fill their inventory with silver and gems. Grab the bounty and return to base to store it and remove the debuff.

General Tips

Silver is tough to farm, unlike most other resources, even when it is plentiful. Enemy vampires and monsters will patrol this domain frequently when they are not actively killing their holders. 

It also takes a very high-level weapon to farm with; for example, level 72 weapons will not bleed the mine.

It’s ideal for making rapid journeys back and forth, filling up bags, and then returning to base without stopping off. Drop it off in a Vampire Lockbox rather than a standard container. 

Because enemies can’t take Vampire Lockboxes, the most precious assets, such as silver, should be employed to defend them.