Snapchat Dark Mode – How to Enable on Android and iOS?

Snapchat is one of the most used apps at night, under the blanket. Having a darker theme on it looks cool, and will have a lot of advantages health-wise also. But, the question is- does Snapchat Dark Mode exists? If it does, then how can we enable it. And even if it doesn’t, do we have any special workaround.

All such answers are available in this post. Here, I will tell you if there is a Dark Mode on Snapchat. And, how you can enable and use a dark theme on Snapchat. I will provide methods for both Android and iOS users.

What is the Dark Mode?

Dark Mode is a special display setting that changes the color scheme of the app interface to a dark-colored (black, grey, dark blue, etc) landscape. It is also known as Night Mode or Bedtime Mode. This dark theme makes the screen less bright and more soothing. It helps you to reduce the ill effects of using your smartphone under low lights. You can use any app in the dark without straining your eyes.

The blue light of the smartphone screen can cause conditions like lack of sleep, headache, and even migraine. Dark Mode can help you to reduce their risk. Android and iOS devices have introduced dark themes for their users but none of them makes Snapchat dark. You will need a built-in dark mode inĀ  Snapchat to paint it black.

Does Snapchat Dark Mode Exist?

At the moment, Snapchat DOES NOT have a Dark Mode. According to the reports, it has been long under development but the update is yet to come that will feature a dark mode. Snapchat is known to roll out new features frequently, and they may launch this feature soon. For now, you must use Snapchat in the regular colors or you can use some special workarounds to make it dark.

Snapchat users have created an online petition that is meant to force the developers to add the dark mode soon. So, we can hopefully say that the Dark Mode may come to Snapchat soon. Though we can’t predict the exact timeline. You can just use the methods I have listed below to turn Snapchat dark right now.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Snapchat?

Since Snapchat doesn’t have a built-in dark mode yet, you can’t simply enable the dark interface in the app. You must use special workarounds if you want it. There are external methods available for both Android and iOS users. You can use them and turn your Snapchat dark. Trust me, it is worth the effort as it looks really cool and is beneficial for your health.

For Android Users

A lot of Android smartphone manufacturers have started giving a built-in dark theme. However, it doesn’t work with Snapchat. There is an app known as Substratum Theme Engine.

You have to use it to enable the Snapchat dark mode on Android. The procedure is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps in order to learn the exact process.

Step-1: Go to the Play Store and install the Substratum Theme Engine on your Android device. It supports Android Oreo and above without root but if you have an older version, you’ll have to root your device to use it.

Step-2: Now go to Settings, tap on Security, next tap on ‘Lock screen and Security,’ and then Enable the Unknown Sources option. This may differ from device to device based upon UI. In some phones, you’ll find it in Developer Options. If you can’t find it, skip this step.

Step-3: Launch Substratum and go through the available themes. Search for the Dark Mode here. Once you find it, select your device, and select Snapchat as the app for which you have to use it.

Step-4: Finally, enable the dark mode for Snapchat.

That’s it. Now run Snapchat and you’ll find it dark and cool. Earlier, this app faced a lot of issues while turning Snapchat dark. But, now you can easily do that. You also get two color options while doing it, one is Swift Black, and the other is Swift Dark. I’d recommend going with the latter one.

For iOS Users

iOS 13 introduced a Dark Mode option in the Settings but it doesn’t work with Snapchat. It is not able to turn Snapchat dark. You have to use an app known as Nightmare. It is a user interface tweaker that is able to bypass the Snapchat limitations and turn it dark. You can use it, but the problem is that it requires you to Jailbreak your iPhone.

I WILL NOT recommend that as it voids the warranty and also makes you vulnerable to a potential ban from Snapchat. But, if you still want to use it, here are the steps that you have to follow. You can only use them on a Jailbroken iPhone.

Step-1: Firstly, install Cydia, and then install iFile.

Step-2: Next, you have to download the Nightmare package. You can’t find it in the App Store. You have to use the attached link to download it.

Step-3: Once it is downloaded, tap on it, then tap on Open in… and then choose iFile.

Step-4: Next, tap on the installer to extract the package. Wait until it is installed.

Step-5: Once it is installed, restart the Springboard (iPhone’s home screen) for Nightmare to take effect.

Step-6: When you do that, you will see the Nightmare in action, and your screen will look dark. Go to Snapchat and you’ll see how beautiful it looks under the dark theme.

That’s it. You can now easily use Snapchat without the shining lights blurring your eyes. Nightmare is also known to work with several Snapchat tweaks and evades Snapchat’s Jailbreak detection system. So, you can use it if you have a Jailbreak iDevice.

Final Verdict

Snapchat doesn’t have a dark mode yet. It may come soon but right now, the Snapchat dark mode doesn’t exist. However, you can use these tricks to turn your Snapchat dark on your Android or iOS device. If not, you should just wait and hope they release the dark mode in Snapchat soon. Meanwhile, you can go and sign this petition to send your demand to the Snap developers.

That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to use the comment box if you have any queries or suggestions about anything written here. I’ll be glad to respond.