Roblox Power Simulator Codes: Active List [April 2021]

Power Simulator is a widely popular Roblox game where you play to become the strongest in the town. You can achieve that by grinding hard and playing for hours, but there’s another quicker way available. You can get a headstart in Power Simulator using the redeem codes. These codes can help you get a lot of exciting rewards.

You can get free coins, tokens, and many other in-game items. In this post, I’m going to share all the active and valid Power Simulator Redemption Codes that you can redeem right now. Make sure you use all of them to get the maximum rewards and leave everyone else behind.

What are Power Simulator Codes on Roblox?

Power Simulator is a fun Roblox game that has been climbing the top-charts gradually. It allows you to play as a hero or a villain. You have to start by talking to “Pyro” to get fresh powers in order to defeat your enemies. You have to choose powers, upgrade them, earn coins, and grind hard to become the most powerful character in the town.

Power Simulator codes are special promo codes generated by the developers to reward the players. They are phrases of combined words or a single word that you have to paste in the in-game redemption box. They are also known as Twitter codes, redemption codes, or redeem codes. While the name may vary, each code comes with a guaranteed reward.

When redeemed, they will drop a reward that will help you a lot in the game. The reward can vary from coins to tokens and various other items.

What do they give?

Power Simulator codes can provide different types of rewards. Most of the codes offer tokens or coins, while some special ones can also drop rare in-game items. Regardless of the reward, you should redeem all the available codes as they will help you get a headstart in the game.

Developers usually link valuable rewards to the codes as they are shared to celebrate a holiday or reaching a certain milestone. You can use the rewards to upgrade your powers, earn more coins, and become the most powerful fighter in the game.

List of Roblox Power Simulator Codes (Active/Expired)

Here is an updated list of all the valid as well as expired Power Simulator codes. You should redeem the active codes as soon as possible because they may expire anytime. When expired, you will not be able to redeem them and get the reward. The expired codes are listed to prevent you from wasting your time trying to redeem them.

Active & Valid Codes

Here are all the valid Power Simulator codes that are currently working. Make sure you quickly redeem them in the game, or else they’ll expire.

  • 100M: Gives 250 tokens.
  • Surge: Gives 150 tokens.
  • GoldenOwl: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Tidemaster: Gives 150 tokens
  • 100KLikes: Gives 150 tokens.
  • FREETOKENS: Gives 150 tokens.
  • 35M: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Villain: Gives 150 tokens.
  • 15M: Gives 150 tokens.
  • TokenLife: Gives 175 tokens.
  • TokenMaster: Gives 125 tokens.
  • Sub2IntelPlayz: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2jojocrafthp: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2magikarpfilms: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Rainway: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Rektway: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2TanqR: Gives 150 tokens.
  • scotty: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Russo: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2razorfishgaming: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Rexex: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Poke: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2robzi: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Dvyz: Gives 175 tokens.
  • Sub2Seniac: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Tofuu: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2NikTac: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2Flamingo: Gives 150 tokens.
  • Sub2gravycatman: Gives 150 tokens.

I will keep adding more codes to this list as soon as they are released. Don’t forget to keep checking it frequently to get additional codes.

Expired Codes

Here are all the Power Simulator codes that have expired. These codes can no longer be redeemed to get their rewards.

  • ROBOTS: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • SlyValid: Used to give 150  Tokens.
  • Sub2DeildPlays: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • baro: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • PETCAVE: Used to give150 Tokens.
  • Sub2Cookie: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • Sub2Telanthric: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • BOTS: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • RIPLighthouse: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • JERSITO4: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • Sub2Bandites: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • Sly: Used to give 150 Tokens.
  • Sub2azend: Used to give 150 Tokens.

You have already missed out on a lot of rewards. Don’t miss more and redeem the working codes ASAP! If you find any of the valid codes not working, you can let me know via the comment box, so I can move it to the list of expired codes.

How to redeem these codes in Power Simulator?

If you don’t know how to redeem codes in Power Simulator, do not worry. We have got you covered. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow in order to redeem codes in Power Simulator.

  • Launch Power Simulator on Roblox.
  • Tap on the “Codes” button present on the left side of the screen.
  • It will have a white Twitter logo on it.
  • When you see a Redemption box, copy a valid code from above.
  • Next, paste it into the Redemption box.
  • Tap on the “Submit” button.
  • Wait for the “Success!” text to appear on the screen.

That’s it. As soon as you see “Success! on the screen, the reward will be sent to your inventory. You can redeem all the working codes one by one, using this technique.

How to find these codes?

Power Simulator redeem codes are usually shared by the developers on their Twitter handle. You can follow them there to find the codes at the earliest, every time. However, some codes are also shared via YouTube, Discord, and even Instagram. It is a complex task to keep an eye on so many social media handles just to find new codes for a game.

That’s why I’ll make things simple for you. I will keep sharing all the redemption codes for Power Simulator in this post. You can simply bookmark it and keep visiting us regularly to find newer codes.

Final Take

Power Simulator is an addictive Roblox game where your goal is to become the most powerful fighter in the town. By redeeming the Twitter codes, you can get a headstart in the game to leave the other players behind. These are all the working and expired codes for the game available currently. I’ll keep updating this post with the latest codes when they are released. Keep checking it to never miss out on any new code.

That’s all for this post. I hope you have received enough rewards. Don’t forget to share some Power Simulator tricks in the comments section.