Google will prohibit all third-party Android call recording applications as of THIS date

Google has revised the Play Store policy. Some of these changes will go into effect on May 11th. As part of these efforts, the business is banning all third-party call recording applications from its platforms. This means that any call recording applications installed on your Android smartphone will cease working as of May 11

However, Google’s plans for implementing this regulation are unclear. It’s unclear if Google will delete all third-party call recording applications from the Play Store or whether developers will ask to do so.

It’s worth noting that Google’s Play Store Policy was first revealed last month. “The Accessibility API is not intended and cannot request for remote call audio recording,” the business noted on a support page announcing the move.

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The business hosted a YouTube webcast for all of its developers last month to assist them in understanding the changes. “In this sense, remote refers to an audio recording of a phone call that the person on the other end is unaware of. Accessibility isn’t necessary to access the incoming audio stream if the app is the phone’s default dialer and comes pre-loaded. Because this clarifies an existing policy, the amended phrase will apply to all applications beginning May 11. “In the webinar, Google clarified everything.

Although Google’s platform will block call recording applications starting May 11, this will not apply to all call recording apps. This change will not affect any built-in call recording applications from companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi, or Samsung available via the user interface. This move will not affect Google’s call recording app, which is only accessible on a few handsets.

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