15 Best Google Tricks You Might Not Know!

You’ve been using Google for the whole of your life, but still, there are some hidden tricks that you don’t know about. In this post, I will tell you about them. Here, we will take a look at the 15 Best Google Tricks that you must know right now.

15 Best Google Tricks that are still hidden to you

Google is none less than our best friend now. The heavily-used search engine is the first thing that comes up in our minds whenever we are stuck at anything. It could be an assignment, course, tutorial, life skill, or anything. We go to Google to seek help. We use keep using Google for a very good part of our days, and yet there are some special features and tricks kept hidden.

Google Tricks You Should Know

I will list those here. So, here are the Best Google Tricks for you that you didn’t manage to find yourself. Some of these are pretty useful, while some are just for fun. Knowing about them puts you a step ahead than the majority of the users.

1. Play PacMan on Google

PacMan is the classic favorite and most played game of the 90s generation. On its 30th anniversary, 21 May 2010, Google launched PacMan doodle. You just have to open your Google search bar and type Pacman Doodle in it. The result will take you to the game and you can start playing.

2. Use the Google Calculator

Google offers a Calculator for anyone who wants to do a mathematical calculation. To access it, you just have to type Calculator in the search bar and hit Enter. The calculator will open in the search result.

3. Make Google do a Barrel Roll

You can make Google do a ‘Barrel Roll.’ For this, just go to the search bar and type ‘do a barrel roll’ and the page will rotate twice and then come back to the original position. This is known as a barrel roll.

4. Make Google Fall with Gravity

It is a fun trick where you can make the Google Homepage fall down into pieces. To do this, you just have to type Google Gravity in the search bar and then click on the I’m feeling lucky button. Then, you’ll see the homepage falling down into pieces. However, the search engine will still work as usual.

5. Play Snake Game on Google Maps

You can play the classic snake game you used to play in the Nokia mobiles. Just type Snake Google in the search bar, hit enter and visit the first link that appears in the search results. Now enjoy your favorite Snake game.

6. Roam the Space with Google Sky

If you love watching the sky and celestial bodies in the space, you can fulfill your fantasies using Google Sky. It is an amazing fun trick that you can use to roam space using your browser. Just type Google Sky in the search bar and hit Enter, and visit the first link that comes up in the results. When you click on Earth here, you will be redirected to Google Maps. Maybe in the future, you’ll be able to see maps for other planets as well, who knows!

7. Get Friends Character’s Special Animation on Google

If you are a fan of the popular ‘Friends’ series, you’d love this fun trick from Google. Just go to the search bar and type the name of a Friends character with the word ‘Friends’ like Joey Friends or Phoebe Friends and hit the search button. In the search results, you will see a ‘special icon’ on the right side of their description. Click on this icon and a special animation will start playing.

8. Make Google Tilted

Go to the search bar and type Askew in it and hit Enter. When your search results page appears, you will notice that it is a bit tilted to explain to you what Askew is in a better manner. It is a cool fun trick that anyone can try.

9. Use Google to Convert Currency

You will not need any third-party app or software to convert the value of the currency when you have Google. Just go to the search bar and type Currency Converter and hit Enter. Google will present to you a currency converter in the search results that you can use to convert any currency into another.

10. Play Atari Breakout on Google

Atari Breakout is a popular arcade that almost everyone has played in their life once. You can play the classic and re-live the old days on Google. Just go to Google Images and search for Atari Breakout. You will see the game will appear in the results and you can play it endlessly from there.

11. Make Half of the search page disappear with Thanos’ Snap

This a really fun trick specially developed for the Marvel fanboys. Just search for Thanos on Google and you will see the ‘gauntlet’ icon on the right side of its description. Click on the gauntlet icon and you will see half of the description page disappear by the snap. The results that will disappear will specially include the Marvel and its characters’ related results.

12. Find the Distance between two destinations on Google

You can find the distance between two countries or two cities using Google. For example, type India to Australia Distance and Google will come up with the total distance in results. Or, you can type the name of two cities and Google will tell you distance and also the time it takes to cover it.

13. Find Definitions with Google

You can get the definition of almost anything using Google. Just type the word in the search bar with the word ‘define’ before it and Google will present to you a definition of that word in the results. For example, type ‘define euphoria’ to find the definition of euphoria. It is a fun and very useful trick for scholars.

14. Find the schedule of the sport you follow

If you follow any sport very closely and don’t want to miss any match, you can always rely on Google. You just have to type the name of the sport followed by the word ‘schedule’ and Google will show all the upcoming matches. For example, type ‘football schedule’ to know about all the upcoming football matches. Also, you can find schedules for particular tournaments like NFL, NBA, IPL, etc.

15. Use Google to Set a Reminder.

Google lets you set reminders for specials events or tasks you have in the future. Just type Set Reminder and the results will provide you window where you can set the reminder for anything you wish. Then Google will remind you about that at the exact time or location.

Bonus Trick

Visit Elgoog.im and you’ll find hundreds of Google tricks listed there. It is a mirrored website of Google Search with horizontally flipped search results, also known as a “Google mirror”. It was created by All Too Flat “for fun.” If you want to have a fun time on your browser, you must visit it at least once.

Final Words

These were the 15 Best Google Tricks that you must’ve known. If you know about some more tricks, do let me know in the comments section. Also, use the comment box and tell me which one of these you liked the most. I hope this post helps you.