15+ Facebook Tricks that you Must-Know in 2020

Looking for some cool Facebook Tricks to make your experience richer? This post is specially written to help you. Here, I will tell you about over 15 Facebook Tricks that you must know going forward. These Facebook tricks can help you give an edge over other users and you can experience the feeling of superiority.

15+ Must-Know Facebook Tricks

Facebook is one of the most used social networks of the last decade. Since the beginning, it is known to add up unique and interesting features. A lot of features stay hidden and unknown to the majority of Facebook users. I will serve you a mixture of these hidden features and abilities of Facebook. Here are more than 15 Facebook Tricks that you must know and use to stay ahead of others.

1. You can use Facebook Messenger in Dark Mode.

Yes, you read that right. You can use your Facebook Messenger in Dark¬† Mode. Just like all the other apps, Facebook has also introduced the beautiful ‘Dark theme’ for Messenger users. To access the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger, follow these instructions-

  • Open anyone’s chat, and send them a ‘Moon emoji.’ The Moon emoji is actually a ‘Crescent moon’ as you can see in the image below.
  • Now a pop-up will appear on the top of your screen telling that ‘You found Dark Mode.’
  • On this pop-up, click on ‘Turn on in Settings.’
  • You will be redirected to Settings. The process may take some time. Once everything is done, click on Ok.

That’s it. You can enjoy the beautiful dark theme now.

2. You can schedule a Facebook Post with Hootsuite.

You can use third-party apps like Hootsuite to schedule a Facebook post. This feature can be very useful when you are a digital marketer and wants to keep your page active at all times. Or, when you want to wish someone, but don’t want to stay up late. Just launch Hootsuite, log in with your Facebook account, compose a post, and schedule it. That’s it.

3. You can save the posts you like directly to your account.

Earlier, when you find the posts you liked you can just save their URL in the notepad or somewhere else to access it later. Or, you had to use third-party apps to download posts from Facebook. But, now you can save the Facebook posts directly to your account with a single click. Just click on the Menu icon of the post you like and click on Save post. Later, whenever you want to see that post, just go to the Menu and then tap on Saved.

4. You can check all the photos liked by someone.

You can check all the photos liked by anyone in your Friend list by a simple Facebook search. Go to the Facebook search bar, type ‘Photos liked by’ followed by the name of the person. You can even filter the result by adding ‘this month,’ ‘this week.’ ‘today,’ etc. Facebook will tell you about all the photos that he/she liked in that particular period of time.

5. You can download Protected Profile Pictures using Crop & Share.

Since Facebook introduced a privacy feature called ‘Profile Picture Guard,’ you cannot save or screenshot the profile pictures of users who have activated their Profile Picture Guard. But, you can download these protected profile pictures using third-party applications like ‘Crop & Share.’ This trick is really useful while trying to stalk someone you have a crush on.

6. You can switch to Facebook Lite to Save Battery.

If you go to settings and see the battery usage stats, you will find that Facebook is one of the top apps with most power consumption. So, you can simply uninstall the Facebook app and start using Facebook Lite app to save your battery. You will notice that using Fb Lite makes your battery work way longer than it used to before.

7. You can see all the Friend Requests you have sent.

You wouldn’t remember how many friend requests you have sent on Facebook, but Facebook remembers all of them. Just visit this link, and you can find out all the friend requests you have sent till now. If you want to do it manually, visit the ‘People you may know‘ section on Facebook and click on the ‘See all‘ option present at the bottom. On the next page, find and click on ‘View sent friend requests.’

This feature comes really handy to know who are the people who ignored your friend request.

8. You can restrict your selected friends from seeing your post.

To do this, just set the privacy of a post to Friends. Now go to the friend’s profile whom you want to restrict from seeing your post, and tap on the Friends options. A drop-down menu will appear. Select ‘Add to another list’ from it. Now scroll to the bottom, find and select ‘Restricted.’ A warning will appear that this friend will no longer be able to see your posts. Ignore it.

9. You can check how much time you daily spend on Facebook.

If you are way too addicted to using Facebook, and you are concerned about it, Facebook can help you send timely reminders. Launch the Facebook app, go to Menu, and then go to ‘Settings & Privacy.’ Here, scroll down a bit and find ‘Your time on Facebook.’ Tap on this option and you can see the total time you spend on Facebook daily.

You can also manage this time by setting a daily reminder. Facebook will then remind you to not use it too much.

10. You can set who will manage your Facebook account after you die.

Facebook lets you decide who you choose to manage your Facebook profile once you are gone to a better world. This person is known as your Legacy Contact. To do this, launch the Facebook app and go to Settings. Now tap on General and then tap on Memorialization Settings. Here, tap on Edit and then select your Legacy contact.

Also, if you are a legacy contact for someone who has passed away, fill this form and ask Facebook about their passing and memorialize the account.

11. You can decide what type of ads you want to see.

Facebook lets you choose the type of ads you are interested in. To set this, just go to Settings, then tap on ‘Ads,’ and then go to ‘Your interests.’ Here, you can add or remove your interests listed here. You will see ads and promotions based on the interests you have.

This is a useful feature if you want to not see ads related to someone or something.

12. You can play games on Facebook Messenger.

If you are an old user of the Facebook Messenger app, you might already know that. And, for the new users, I want to tell you that you can play a lot of different games on the Messenger app. Some of them are really interesting and fun. There are even multi-player games available.

To find the games, launch the Messenger app, go to the Discover tab and then tap on Games. Now select any game you want to play and you can also invite your friends to play together.

13. You can set preferences for your News Feed.

Your news feed is the most important thing for you on Facebook. It is necessary that you always keep it clean and well organized. To do this in a more effective manner, you can set your preferences on what posts you want and what you don’t want to see in your feed.

Just tap on the ‘three-lines‘ present on the top-right corner of the Newsfeed and go to ‘Edit preferences.’ Here, you can set and manage your preferences about the posts you want to see and don’t want to see.

14. You can mute the friends who spam your timeline.

If you have friends in your list that post way too many posts and pictures, and literally spam your news feed, then you can simply mute them for whatever duration you like. Just tap on the ‘three-dots‘ present on the top-right corner of that person’s post and from here you can either select to Hide the posts or Snooze the person. This is a good way to curate your news feed.

15. You can make your posts look cooler by using a font-generator.

Using different sorts of fonts in your posts makes it look cool and more attractive. So, you can use a font generator like the ‘Cool fancy text generator‘ to use fancy fonts in your posts.

16. You can download the entire Album of your friends using DownAlbum.

There is an amazing Chrome extension known as DownAlbum. You can use it to download the entire album of people you are friends with or you follow at once. Just add this extension to your browser, visit the album, click on the DownAlbum icon and press the CTRL+S key to save all the pictures in a single click.

17. You can send money through Facebook.

Yes, you can actually send and receive money through the Facebook app. But, to use this feature, both the sender and receiver need to have a valid debit card. To access this feature, go to Settings, then tap on Payments and then on Account Settings. Here, enter the details of your debit card.

Now you can send money to people using Facebook Messenger. Just tap on the ‘$’ icon present at bottom of the chat window of the user you want to send money to. Then, you can enter the amount and successfully proceed with sending money.

Final Words

These were all the must-know Facebook Tricks. I hope you liked knowing them. If you know about some more Facebook tricks, make sure you inform me about them using the comment box. So, I can update my readers too. Also, for any queries, or suggestions related to this post, feel free to catch up to me in the comments section.