80+ Cool Finsta Names: Best Usernames Ideas 2021

In the world of social media networking, a new slang or a new concept keeps getting introduced every day, and it gets quite hard to keep up with all of them. There has been a new trend of Finsta accounts on Instagram nowadays. Well, you have recently heard of the term Finsta somewhere around and you ain’t aware of what it exactly means? We are here to solve each of your questions related to this word. What is a Finsta, what are some cool Finsta names? Go ahead with this article to know more about it.

What’s A Finsta?

If you are wondering what a Finsta is, it’s nothing but a normal Instagram account. But the catch here is that this term is introduced by the newer generation to address their unofficial and personal account on Instagram. But what does that mean?

Well, our normal Instagram accounts are full of highlights and the best moments of our lives. Our best pictures at weddings, while traveling to a famous place, meeting a celebrity, attending parties, hanging around with friends and sometimes we even do a photoshoot for ourselves.

All pictures where we are wearing great outfits, perfectly edited and placed. But a Finsta is an account which the new generation makes for only friends and family. Such accounts include completely unedited raw pics, funny and ugly pictures, basically the real and raw side of you for your loved ones to see.

These pictures are very random, it could be simply on the couch, making a funny face, eating your food, comfortable in your space, wearing nightclothes. The spontaneousness is what makes it unique and fun Having a top-notch Instagram which is aesthetically pleasing, and flawless is way too common now.

By creating one Finsta account of your own, you can embrace your fun side, your flaws, your crazy side in front of your friends and loved ones. On a Finsta account, people also share opinions and experiences that they are not comfortable sharing on their main Instagram page. Usually, on a Finsta account, people upload more frequently or sometimes even daily.

How To Make Your Own Finsta Account?

Find the concept fun? Want to make your own of such an account? The process is just like creating a normal Instagram account with a bit of a few changes here and there. Below mentioned are the steps through which you can too make your own Finsta account.

  • Firstly, log out of your current Instagram or simply tap on Add Account option on Instagram
  • Now click on the Sign-up button on the login page of Instagram
  • Enter your phone number or email
  • The app will detect that you already have an account connected with the email id/phone number
  • Tap on “Create New Account” when the app asks you if want to continue with the same account or create a new one
  • Now, put in your desired username, you select some cool Finsta names listed in this article
  • Do not link your Facebook or any other social media with this account to avoid many people finding this account
  • Add a funny or random profile picture
  • And now, you successfully have your own Finsta account

Best and Cool Finsta Names 2021

Now that you are aware of what is a Finsta and how to make your own Finsta account, it is time to know what could be some funny, crazy names that you can choose for your Finsta account. Below mentioned are about 80+ cool and funny Finsta names to keep as your Finsta account usernames so your friends and family have a laugh looking at your account.

  1. JavaPerfect
  2. ChellFalls
  3. KinGambit
  4. RadiantEnjoy
  5. VividGiggly
  6. SimpleEye
  7. Airbiosav
  8. shaquille.oatmeal
  9. hanging_with_my_gnomies
  10.  hoosier-daddy
  11.  fast_and_the_curious
  12.  averagestudent
  13. BadKarma
  14. google_was_my_idea
  15. cute.as.ducks
  16. casanova
  17. real_name_hidden
  18. HairyPoppins
  19. fedora_the_explorer 
  20.  OP_rah
  21.  YellowSnowman
  22. Joe Not Exotic
  23. username_copied
  24. whos_ur_buddha
  25.  unfinished_sentenc
  26.  AllGoodNamesRGone
  27. Something
  28.  me_for_president
  29.  tinfoilhat
  30.  oprahwindfury
  31. anonymouse
  32. Definitely_not_an_athlete
  33. HeartTicker 
  35. BenAfleckIsAnOkActor
  36. magicschoolbusdropout
  37.  Everybody
  38.  regina_phalange
  39.  PawneeGoddess 
  40. pluralizes_everythings
  41. chickenriceandbeans
  42. test_name_please_ignore
  44. heyyou
  45. augh_till_u_pee
  46.  aDistraction
  47. crazy_cat_lady
  48.  banana_hammock
  49. thegodfatherpart4
  50. unfriendme
  51. babydoodles
  52.  fluffycookie
  53. buh-buh-bacon
  54.  ashley_said_what
  55.  LactoseTheIntolerant
  56.  ManEatsPants
  57.  Twentyfourhourpharmacy
  58.  applebottomjeans
  59.  Babushka
  60.  toastedbagelwithcreamcheese
  61. baeconandeggz
  62. FartinLutherKing 
  63. coolshirtbra
  64. kentuckycriedfricken
  66. kim_chi
  67. idrinkchocolatemilk
  68.  SaintBroseph
  69.  chin_chillin
  70.  ghostfacegangsta
  71.  bigfootisreal
  72.  santas_number1_elf
  73.  thehornoftheunicorn
  74.  iNeed2p
  75.  abductedbyaliens
  76.  actuallynotchrishemsworth
  77. nachocheesefries
  78. personallyvictimizedbyreginageorge
  79. just-a-harmless-potato
  80. FrostedCupcake
  81. Avocadorable


So now you are up-to-date with the new social media trends and concepts. Show off your fun and crazy side on your very own Finsta account and make your friends laugh with the funny pictures that bring out the real you. If you have any queries regarding this article, comment below and let us know.