15 Best Private Search Engines that are 100% Secure

We all have used Google, Yahoo and Bing which make our task easy of searching content online. But these big companies are not providing these facilities for free. Instead of money, they take data from us. Many of you do not care about privacy but the one who does, for them we have brought a list which has the best Private Search Engines which you should use from now.

What is a Private Search Engine?

We all know about search engines. The tool which helps us to find out things on the internet. But now, what is the private search engine?

In easy words, it is the search engine which always works in incognito mode. More about it, Private Search Engines do not keep track of what you are searching and do not store any kind of your data.

Why Should you Start using it? 

So while you use any search engine, it always keeps track of your data. In easy words, it stores your data and then that search engine sells that data to any big advertising company.

  • Source IP address: Your IP Address
  • User-agent: Which Browser you are using.
  • Location: Your location
  • Unique id: To identify each person uniquely, it uses unique id in cookies.
  • Search queries:  Whatever you have searched, get stored.

These are all details that get stored by standard search engines. No doubt you have seen a lot of ads on the website of things which you had just searched a few moments ago.

If you use a private search engine, then you do not face any issues as these never keeps track of your data. Not only that there are many free private search engines are available. Let us check 15 Best Private Search Engines on the internet.

Top 15 Private Search Engines

Here are 15 Best Privacy oriented Private Search Engines on the internet.

1. DuckDuckGo

In 2008 Gabriel Weinberg created DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo generates results from over 400 sources including Wikipedia, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo. DDG (DuckDuckGo) is currently have partnered with Yahoo also. DDG is the most powerful and secure private search engine which is available for free.

Private Search Engines

DuckDuckGo does not save your search history or keep track of what you have searched. It provides the feature to save your history on the cloud. Due to more resources, you will get almost anything that you are looking for on DDG.

2. Startpage

Startpage offers the best surfing to experience to all its users. Not only that Startpage has all its servers situated in EU so you do not have to worry about your privacy as it follows all the EU laws.

Private Search Engines

There is an extension available for Startpage which you can download from here. Not only this it has an anonymous view which will help you to browse everything without any trace.

3. Swisscows

Also known as Hulbee Swisscows is widely popular private search engine. It is mainly famous for its family-friendly content. Swisscows gives you the assurance that it never trace your data and it has built-in features to stop all kind of violent content.

Private Search Engines

4. Searx.me

It is an open-source search engine where anyone can view its code and contribute too. Searx collects data from all other search engine and displays it to you. So it is kind of VPN service that will give you the best results from all other search engines after removing all your private data. It never shares your data with any private companies too.

5. MetaGer

Metager uses encryption technique where it takes your query and searches it on other search engines but your query and your data will stay anonymous. It also allows users to contribute to it.

6. Qwant

In 2011 Qwant got started just to keep your browsing data secure. It is supported by bing to provide search results. Qwant shows few ads which are based on Microsoft only. It also offers children mode where you will get family-friendly content.

7. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search uses search assistant to display results. But it never tracks any of your data. It uses search by location so it will always give you results according to your location only.

8. Mojeek

Mojeek is an independent search engine it has its own web crawler and it has also claimed that Mojeek has over 2.3 billion pages crawled. For those who really care about their privacy we will suggest Mojeek search engine as it has nothing to do with all other search engines.

9. YaCy

It was created in 2004 by Michael Christen. YaCy is a fully open-source search engine and it is the first search engine which works on peer to peer communication.

10. Gibiru

If you can not afford to pay for any kind of VPN then you can use Gibiru as it does the same thing as any VPN does. It will always give you the best websites to use as it has features that give which website is safer to surf.

11. Ecosia

Ecosia displays few ads to its users but it also donates a few amounts to charity from its revenue. Ecosia uses bing to provide best search results but it does not track your data.

12. Search Encrypt

As the name suggests it does the same. Search Encrypt will encrypt all your search queries before it goes to the search engines. But the display page will have ads as it is supported by sponsors.

13. Lukol

Lukol is an anonymous search engine which uses proxy servers to deliver best search results. It removes all your private data and also provides you with safety from frauds.

14. Yippy

Yippy has a different kind of working mechanism where it categorises all the results before displaying it to any user. It helps to search for almost all kind of content including jobs, Images, News and much more. It will display some kind of ads but the ads are not customized at all.

15. Oscobo

It is a proper private search engine which never stores any of your data. Oscobo also has chrome extension and it provides you to search for everything like Videos, Photos and much more.

Final Thoughts

If you care about your privacy online, then we suggest you use private search engines. Else there are no issues with standard search engines also. The only problem is their private search engines have limited data when we compare them with google. So if you do not find something on private search engines in those situations, you can use Google or any other search engines. Also, if you want, you can use a VPN to stay safe.

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