Genshin Impact – Ruin Serpent Boss Guide

Genshin Impact – Ruin Serpent Boss Guide: As a general rule, the Ruin Serpent is fun to fight. Too many things. Here, we show you how to beat the mechanical snake and what to look for during the fight.

Unlocking the Fight: How to do this

There isn’t a specific quest that needs to be done to unlock the Ruin Serpent. Getting into the underground area of The Chasm is all you need to do. You can do this by completing the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering quest. If you’re naturally progressing through the Archon Quest: Requiem of the Echoing Depths, you’ll be able to get to the area where the Ruin Serpent lives.

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Ensure your Lumenstone Adjutant is on you when you fight the Ruin Serpent. This battle has unique ooze-clearing mechanics, so make sure your Lumenstone Adjutant is on you. It’s easier to fight this way if you have a high level of Lumenstone Adjuvant. As for the cost of resin, this fight will cost you 40 resin like other regular boss fights. It also gives out a unique item called the Runic Fang, which will likely be used for Ascension by future characters.

How to beat up the Genshin Impact – Ruin Serpent Boss (Guide)

  • The Ruin Serpent, The boss, will spit out four puddles of ooze, and eventually, the Ruin Serpent will begin to absorb energy from the liquid. Pay attention when it begins doing this. If you cleanse the ooze pools that your boss is trying to absorb using Your Lumenstone Adjuvant, it will shock you with the Ruin Serpent. A few minutes of inactivity can be a great help and can cause some severe damage to the boss over this time.
  • What happens if your Lumenstone Adjuvant has run out of power? No worries. Recharge your Lumenstone Adjuvant. Utilize a character to cut through the ore and then restore your energy. Now and then, geo ore will appear in the arena.

Recommendations for Team Comp

    • Bring the Mobile healer (ex. Barbara, Kokomi, and Diona) if your DPS is proficient in close combat. Bennett is also a possibility when mainly working with a character with a range.
    • Bring a protector (ex. Zhongli, Xinyan and Noelle). There is a need be chasing the Serpent through the arena continuously, and there are some that are difficult to dodge, which is why a shielder is undoubtedly beneficial.
    • Geo characters are also beneficial as they break geoores quickly and accelerate the charging of your Adjuvant.
    • Bring an DPS with a high damaging burst(ex. Hu Tao and Ayaka) or a DPS with a range(Ganyu as well as Yoimiya)
    • A second suggestion, however, is not required. An Off-field DPS (ex. Fischl and Yae Miko) can be helpful for ongoing reaction to elements. I’ve used Fischl’s Oz to cause continuous damage to Ruin Serpent (when the Serpent is above ground). It’s nice to have more damage when my on-field DPS principal (Diluc) throws a volley of smacks toward the boss.

The Full List of the Ruin Serpents’ Abilities

    • Diverting into and off the floor, followed by a fierce attack. The attack travels a long distance over the arena. The window of damage is tiny (as it cannot be attacked while underground). It’s essential to make use of it its openness to attacks.
    • Spitting up four puddles full of liquid, located inside the arena with the Cardinals.
    • Your Lumenstone Adjuvant is being depleted of all energy except two bars at the start of the fight.
    • A spinning attack can cause characters to be stuck between the two, stopping them from removing the ooze on the sides of the arena and thus ineffective at stunning this Ruin Serpent.
    • It can also be horizontal and perform a sweeping attack that rolls both ways. It’s telegraphed quickly, making it difficult to dodge. However, it could be a surprise to you.
    • At the time, it’ll perform a “black hole” attack, where players are dragged into the middle area.
    • If you allow your Ruin Serpent to absorb the energy of the ooze, it’ll possess an attack that fires projectiles and downward attacks from a significant distance. (Hint Don’t let to allow the Ruin Serpent to reach these levels!)