How To Equip Gun In BGMI Spawn Island?

 Equip Gun In BGMI Spawn Island: As a Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) participant, you need to know about the Spawn Island Lobby or Just the Lobby in the game. 

If you aren’t, then you’re in the right spot. In this article, we’ll explain the Spawn Island Lobby in BGMI and how to access a gun there.

What is a Spawn Island Lobby?

Spawn Island Lobby Spawn Island Lobby is where players can begin their game. 

It’s a place where players can practice using their equipment and weapons before stepping foot on the field. 

This is a brief training session lasting about a minute before the game.

All BGMI players can test their weapons and moves here and practice on the. 

Read further to learn how to acquire guns inside Spawn Island. Spawn Island lobby in BGMI.

How Do I Get a Gun in BGMI?

Follow the straightforward steps below for equipping your character with the melee legendary, mythical, and legendary weapons available in BGMI.

  • Start BMI in your mobile.
  • Then head straight to ‘ inventory.’
  • Then, go on the Settings and select ‘ Show Firearm in Main Menu.’
  • Switch the Show Firearm option in the Main Menu to access an arsenal inside the lobby.
  • After selecting that option, you are ready, click on the tab for weapons, choose the gun you want to carry, and begin the match.
  • You’ll see your character equipped with the weapon you chose to use.
  • Take your favorite firearm and practice before the match.

We’re not done yet. We have to meet some conditions to carry any gun inside the lobby at BGMI.

BGMI: Conditions To Carry Guns In Lobby

Players are not able to carry any weapon inside the lobby of spawn. 

The gun or weapon must have an iconic or higher finish to be seen within the lobby. 

This is not the case with rare firearms, and they can use them anytime. 

For all melee weapons of BGMI, be sure to make sure you equip them with epic skins, or better. 

You can upgrade your weapons to the appropriate level and then enjoy the guns in all of your matches.