How to Fix Halo Infinite “No Ping to Our Data Centers” Error

Fix Halo Infinite “No Ping to Our Data Centers” Error: Are you receiving a ” no ping to our data centres” error when playing Halo Infinite? If yes, it may affect your ability to participate in the game, specifically in multiplayer. Don’t worry about it; however, you’ll find everything you should be aware of to overcome this irritating error below.

How to Fix “No Ping to Our Data Centers” Error in Halo Infinite

The Halo Waypoint support page shows the error message when Halo Infinite virtual servers block your network. To fix this issue problem, the following solutions must be used:

  1. Open port 3075
  2. Port 3075 is open (UDP) in your router, along with all the ports required for connecting to the Xbox network. The required Xbox ports and instructions for opening ports are available inside Xbox Support’s Network ports guide.
  3. Contact ISP or Network Admins
  4. If you’re unable to access the ports you need or don’t have administrator rights to your computer, get in touch with your network administrator or your internet service provider (ISP) and request Port 3075 to be opened for unblocking.
  5. Check Your internet connectivity.
  6. Sometimes, it’s as easy as ensuring that your internet is functioning. Suppose you’re experiencing problems with your internet-connected devices. You can try restarting the router to check if that resolves the problem.

All you should be aware of is how to solve this “no ping to our data centres” Halo Infinite error.

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