Exoprimal, a new IP from Capcom, has been announced.

New IP from Capcom: For many years Capcom gamers have been begging for an update to Dino Crisis. 

There were rumors of it, but nothing came out of them. 

A couple of years ago, Capcom dropped the brand name for an online version of Dino Crisis, thus sealing the fate of the series for many fans.

 Today, the company revealed a new IP based on dinosaurs named Exoprimal that isn’t Dino Crisis.

Could the Game be Connected to the Dino Crisis Series?

At Sony’s State of Play event, Capcom released the trailer for its brand new IP, Exoprimal. 

The game’s plot is centered around dinosaurs coming to the future. 

In an announcement, Capcom describes the game as “a new multiplayer experience rooted in co-op – but with a competitive edge.”

The game has the mode Dino Survival. This mode lets players battle opposing teams to determine who can finish more missions. 

The game will include 5v5 battles and massive numbers of dinosaur-like enemies. 

Even though it is a multiplayer game, it does have a story element. 

According to Capcom, gamers can learn more details about the game’s universe and the story when they play the game.

Although it’s a Capcom game featuring dinosaurs and a female with a redhead, it’s not the same as a Dino Crisis game, as it is currently known. 

The press release includes the following sentence to describe the game’s plot: “It’s 2040, and the planet is in crisis.”

Capcom is yet to dissociate this game away from Dino Crisis, so it’s not yet known if the two games are related.

Exoprimal will only be available on PS4 along with PS5. The release date for Exoprimal is currently undetermined.