How to Get Pacifist Title in 2022 ?

Get Pacifist Title: Everyone PUBG Mobile player would like to have right now is a pacifist. 

Apart from the PUBG partner title, PUBG Mobile offers a wide range of titles players can earn by enhancing their abilities.

 It is only available once you have reached the Platinum level. 

If you’re not a seasoned player and struggling to get the title of pacifist in PUBG Mobile, don’t look any further because we’ve got your back.

The guide below will describe the process of getting the pacifist title PUBG Mobile and outline the requirements and specifications this title is based on.

 The method we’ve described below doesn’t require you to pay UC or purchase Royal Pass.

How do I get Pacifist Title in PUBG Mobile?

To be eligible for the Pacifist title for PUBG Mobile, you must meet the following requirements: PUBG Mobile, you have to satisfy the following criteria:

  • It would help if you were on that tier of Platinum or higher. If your current level is Bronze, Gold, or Silver, you are not qualified to obtain this title.
  • Because the definition of Pacifist is to be a peaceful person who thinks that violence and war are not justified, you should take the Chicken Dinner without killing a single enemy.
  • If you take out a single opponent, you’ll need to start the game again.

This title can be earned through both solo and squad mode. 

It is best to be in Squad as your teammates will assist you in achieving the designation. 

Be sure to choose the map of Erangel before beginning the game and gather the most smoke bombs you can.

To ensure that you don’t get killed by your enemies, You can also shoot at them; however, make sure that you don’t hit any opponent if you would like to play as a pacifist within PUBG Mobile.

The best thing to do is to stay clear of the most popular spot like Pochinki. If you visit and you do, you’ll get killed by your enemies, which would end your chances of earning the title.

If you follow the steps correctly and receive a Chicken Dinner without killing any enemies in a game and you’ll have an unlocked Pacifist title unlocked on PUBG Mobile.

You have to be aware of how to unlock this Pacifist name on PUBG Mobile.