How to Fix Elden Ring Error Code 30005?

Elden Ring Error Code 3000:  Various issues can occur while using Elden Ring; this error code 30005 cannot allow you to launch the game. It can be annoying if you’ve been waiting to play the game for a long time, but you’re still unable to get it to play after downloading it. There’s no need to worry; you don’t have to worry; there’s an answer.

How to Fix Elden Ring Error Code 30005?

Restart the Game

Sometimes, just restarting the game can work So, so go ahead and give it a go.

Disable Easy Anti Cheat

Here’s how you can disable the easy anti-cheat software in Elden Ring:

  • Start ‘Steam’ desktop client.
  • Go to the “Library” tab.
  • Right-click on the ‘Elden Ring.’
  • Click on “Manage.”
  • Then click “Browse Local Files.
  • The game’s location will be available in Explorer.
  • Navigate to the ‘ Game Folder.
  • Locate your file called start_protected_game.exe.exe file.
  • Rename this to something like ‘start_protected_game_primary.’
  • It is now time to copy the exe file ‘eldenring.
  • Copy it to this folder.
  • The name of “eldenring Copy will refer to it.”
  • Rename this file to ‘start_protected_game’.
  • Then you can start the game with the Steam player.

Check Steam Game Files

  • Start Steam. Steam application.
  • You can find Elden Ring in the Library.
  • Right-click the name of the company and select Properties.
  • There’s a local files tab on the left side you have to select.
  • Select Verify the Integrity to verify the integrity of game Files.
  • After the verification process has been completed, play the game once more and check whether it fails midway or even at the start.

Reinstall EAC

This Elden Ring error code 30005 is about simple anti-cheat (EAC) software and mainly occurs because you must install it properly. Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your EasyAntiCheat directory in the game’s installation folder.
  • Find EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe.
  • Start it by logging in as an administrator.
  • Select the Install button.
  • This is how you can restore EAC, and, if you’d prefer to repair it take the same steps; however, select repair the at the end.

Install the most recent Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables

Here’s where you can get the most recent Visual C++ Redistributables files.

Stop Unnecessary Programming

Specific programs or applications can cause interference with Elden Ring or EAC. Be sure to shut down any other applications that aren’t needed at the time.

Examine for viruses

It is essential to conduct periodic scans of your entire system because a virus on your system could often trigger issues with EAC.

Verify whether Antivirus blocks the Software

You can temporarily disable your antivirus (or uninstall it) and see whether you can start Elden Ring without any issues. It is possible to include the game as an exception in the future for use.

If nothing is working, your system might be damaged. It could result in a crash and the inability to launch the game. EPIC games suggest having a clean Windows install to correct this issue but if you’re unsure about pursuing it right now, contact Elden Ring or EAC support for assistance.