Elden Ring Equip Load Explained

Elden Ring Equip Load: If you’re unfamiliar with Elden Ring, you should know about Equip Load. It’s a stat that is often overlooked that affects the way you use the game. 

This is a crucial stat for those who play an aggressive play style. However, when relying on magic or incantations, this stat isn’t an issue for yours. 

So in this guide, let’s learn the effects of equip load within the Elden Ring and how you can determine the impact.

How Equip Load Affects You In Elden Ring

Equip Load is probably the most crucial stat to consider when evaluating how to evade attacks by enemies.

 It is the determining factor at the moment when your character begins to weigh down, based on the gear you use. It is the total of the weights of your Shields, Weapons, Talisman, and Armor.

 Hence whenever you create a build, you need to determine the amount of weight of your character. The fast characters roll instantly, but ones with a more significant load will start slowing down. 

To make quick rolls, always try to limit your Equip Load to 30%. Make sure it doesn’t exceed 70 per cent. Here are the weight-to-weight ratios that affect you.

  • 0 per cent — 29.9 Percentage Weight It is a light Load. The work you do will be quick and almost instantaneous.
  • 30% + 69.9 percent weight: This is considered Medium load. Your role will be a bit slower than those on the lighter load. It is possible to feel that the rolls take place following some time.
  • 70&100 weight: This is considered a heavy load. The rolls you will perform will be extremely slow.
  • More than Weight: This is considered an overload. Your character won’t be able to perform any roll at all.

Remember that your Stamina regeneration is also affected by the load you are using. Therefore, keeping your load light and minimum load at medium is recommended.

How do you calculate your Equip Load?

It is easy to determine the percentage of your load by dividing your present load by the maximum load, then multiplying it

Or, you could look at the status of the equipment screen to determine if your load is medium, light, or heavy.