How to summon Melina in the Elden Ring?

Summon Melina in the Elden Ring: While fighting Morgott, the Omen King, you can summon Melina in the Elden Ring to aid you in to fight. It’s not typical for her because she is a guide to you when she is in the game. 

However, she can be more than this, making her a fascinating character. She isn’t only a boring weight in battle, as she can also use magic and physical assaults.

 Let’s quickly look up the method you can summon Melina.

How to Summon Melina in the Elden Ring

You can summon Melina within the Elden Ring before starting fighting with Morgott, the Omen King. Here are the steps you must follow to summon Melina.

  1. Fast travel Queen’s Bedchamber site of grace. The site is situated at The Royal Capital in Leyndell.
    • It is possible to visit this area after you have defeated Godfrey the First Lord (Golden Form).
    • Take the main branch that leads you to the higher levels in the area.
    • Make a move and move north.
    • Follow this route, and you’ll reach the site of grace.
    • There will be an enemy here. Take it down and go further.
  1. Once you have reached this place of grace, take a turn to the south, and you’ll be able to notice a shimmering golden fog that indicates the location where Morgott’s boss battles.
  2. There is a golden summons sign on the floor outside the boss’s room.
  3. Utilize the HTML0 code so that you can summon Melina.

This is all you have for summoning her. Be aware that this summoning is only for the boss fight and is different from when you meet her at the third location of grace at the beginning of your game.