Airdrops in Tarkov Are They Permanent in the Escape from Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov is a multiplayer first-person shooter with rapidly growing players.

 Game developers keep their players entertained by offering a continuous stream of news and updates. 

One element that was missing of Tarkov did not exist Airdrops. Although airdrops have been the subject of frequent conversation in discussions in the Escape From Tarkov community since the release of the game but plan to implement them didn’t appear until the last few months.

During raids, airdrops were dropped by players in Tarkov on the 30th of December.

 The appearance of the airdrops is somewhat random. There have been reports of airdrops that occur at the beginning and the end of the gameplay.

 In the present, players can get Ammo, Armors, Assault Rifles, Backpacks, Medicine, and more in the loot that airdrops are available in Escape From Tarkov.

 Airdrops are not tied to any specific location in the game’s map. Instead, everyone can collect the drop that comes in a 12X10-sized case. 

Airdrops create a loud sound that alters players’ presence similarly to Battlegrounds.

While players were happy to receive EFT airdrops, many players wondered if it was a temporary feature introduced to celebrate the New Year. 

Today, we’ll be discussing whether it is true that the Tarkov airdrops are only the result of a temporary event or if they’re in the making.

Airdrops in Escape From Tarkov Are They Permanent?

The players are eager to learn what happens to airdrops during their favorite game. 

Are they going to be around forever? Do they serve as a holiday added feature? We’ll address these concerns for you. 

You’ll be pleased to know that Airdrops will be a regular feature of EFT

Tarkov streaming channel Pestily confirmed this on Pestily’s live stream on Twitch. 

Based on the streams, Battlestate Games CEO Nikita Buyanov confirmed that airdrops are expected to be a significant feature within Escape From Tarkov going forward. 

In addition, Nikita also confirmed that airdrops could be activated by players too in a separate Twitch Livestream with Klein.

It is a fantastic thing for Tarkov players who have been waiting for this feature since the beginning of the game.

 Airdrops may also provide an additional boost to the game since they’ll bring some vital adrenaline to raids.