How To Get Magic Banger In Vampire Survivors

Get Magic Banger In Vampire Survivors: In Vampire Survivors, the Magic Banger is a brand-new relic. This one-of-a-kind artifact enables players to alter the music during stage selection permanently. 

It’s a brand-new item introduced in the game’s 0.5.2 patch. It recently became online, and players only have to pick it up once to utilize it. This relic enhances your enjoyment of the game. 

Who doesn’t want to have complete control over the music they listen to? Even though the Magic Banger only modifies the game’s gameplay somewhat. 

Mainly because we haven’t been able to do so since the game’s release, it elevates the Magic Banger in our estimation. 

This tutorial on using the Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors should help you locate the relic and utilize it effectively.

How to Locate and Use Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors

How to Locate Magic Banger

The Magic Banger may be obtained in various ways throughout the game. While may always find this dependable relic in the Inlaid Library, there are two methods to locate it. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Through the Milky Way Map in the Inlaid Library
  • Go to the far left side of the Inlaid Library stage, near the piano

This concludes the methods for locating the Magic Banger in the game. The Magic Banger will be surrounded by four witches no matter how you discover it. Is it ever simple to find anything in this game?

How to Use The Magic Banger

You may choose which tune plays in Vampire Survivors with the Magic Banger. This artifact also allows players to choose between three different versions of every music. 

Hyper, normal, and forsaken are the three options available in the game. As you would expect, every day, we will usually play the music. 

While hyper will make the theme faster, forsaken will make it slower! This makes the music eerie and strange regardless of how it’s played.

The Magic Banger is a must-have simply because it’s so much fun. Good luck, and we hope the music you choose is appropriate for the game.