Destiny 2 Showcase Announced for August 2022

As Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 draws to a conclusion, players may finally break from the eternal conflict between Light and Darkness that has dominated the previous Seasons.

Arc 3.0 and further sandbox adjustments to PvE and PvP will be released in Season 18 along with the much-anticipated Exotic weapon inherent anti-Champion modifications.

The themes of Seasons 18 and 19 are still a secret, and the next Lightfall expansion, which should be available by the end of February 2019, assuming there are no delays, is no exception.

On Bungie Day, the annual commemoration of Bungie’s founding in July 1991, many Destiny 2 fans anticipated hearing something about Lightfall; the studio didn’t have anything official planned.

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Given the current harassment concerns that its devs have had, Bungie’s quiet on Lightfall is acceptable.

Additionally, it makes sense given that gamers don’t yet know what the Seasons that come before the expansion will be about.

But Bungie staff members are already touting an upcoming announcement on social media.

The presentation for Lightfall will be live on August 23, according to a new teaser video that was just shared by the official Destiny 2 Twitter account.

Season 18 begins on August 23, the same day as last year’s presentation, just before Season of the Lost was released and The Witch Queen campaign was formally unveiled.

The subtitle for this teaser reads, “Witness what’s ahead,” even though it doesn’t reveal anything new as it switches between images of the places and people that shaped Destiny 2’s recent past.

The Witness is now Destiny 2’s most prominent antagonist, and they utter the identical lines spoken after the Witch Queen campaign throughout the video.

Lightfall will undoubtedly feature a meeting with The Witness, which the expansion’s name makes even more foreboding, even though it has been speculated that he is the series’ ultimate bad guy.

Similar to last year, it’s probable that on August 23, Bungie will simultaneously release Season 18’s content and tease Lightfall with a new video.

Players may take advantage of the Solstice event until Season of the Haunted is over on August 16, one week before the commencement of the next season and the announcement of Lightfall.

While Bungie hasn’t officially confirmed it, there is currently a bug that enables Destiny 2 players to finish Bonfire Bash more rapidly and earn more prizes.