Apex Legends, Respawn releases an update to fix input lag on Xbox Series X/S

Recently, Apex Legends’ Awakening Collection Event came to a close. Players may participate in the well-liked 9v9 Control LTM and check out the Lifeline Town Takeover on Olympus during the most recent collecting event for the battle royale.

In addition, with the debut of the Suzaku, Valkyrie became the newest Legend to earn an heirloom.

Sadly, the game’s content over the previous several weeks has had some unforeseen effects.

A significant percentage of the community began experiencing input lag problems after the commencement of the Awakening Collection Event for Apex Legends. The issue specifically seems to be affecting Xbox Series X/S console users.

Things became so terrible that some people even suggested calling off the game. Fortunately, the developers are aware of the community’s criticisms.

Respawn Entertainment’s official Twitter account recently sent a tweet discussing the input lag issues users of the most recent Xbox console generation have been seeing.

The game company said an Xbox Series X and S input latency patch was published. It is said that for most users, this update will enhance their gaming experience. The tweet also thanked the audience for their tolerance during the whole scenario.

Many fans have commented after Respawn Entertainment tweeted this. With more than 5,400 likes, it’s clear that many people were relieved to learn that the makers had, purportedly, solved the issue and could finally enjoy the game as it was intended to be played.

Others, however, pointed out that several problems still needed to be resolved before the game could go. One player, in particular, reported that the menu system in the Arenas 3v3 elimination mode was always having issues.

This potential cure for input latency, albeit a minor update from the developer, is unquestionably huge news for Apex Legends.

Many players have become impatient with the battle royale mode on Xbox systems during the last several weeks.

Input latency can destroy the experience in a game where fast reflexes and accurate aim are crucial.

Time will tell whether the most recent patch released by Respawn Entertainment’s engineers is sufficient to address the bulk of input latency issues experienced by Xbox Series X/S gamers.

Hopefully, the developer’s promises are true, and this patch is sufficient to fix the problems so gamers can resume enjoying the battle royale on Xbox systems. If not, users may start switching to other well-liked games available.