How To Unlock Pummarola In Vampire Survivors

Unlock Pummarola In Vampire Survivors: Play as a character who must live as long as possible against many adversaries in this timed survival horror game. When you are slain, you will get gems used to gain experience in the game. 

If you collect enough gems, you will be able to level up and enhance your character. Making them even more effective in the game! Because the game has about 30 achievements.

Many of them focus on surviving in the game for a specific amount of time. One of them is obtaining Pummarola. 

This tutorial will show you how to win and unlock Pummarola in Vampire Survivors by playing as Gennaro.

How to Achieve Pummarola in Vampire Survivors

To win Pummarola in Vampire Survivors, you must play as Gennaro for at least five minutes. You may be wondering who Gennaro is. He is an unlockable character in the game that can acquire 650 coins.

Gennaro begins with two knives in his hand. He may also get an extra projectile for each weapon he earns permanently. 

Not a horrible character to have around! Especially when the aim in Vampire Survivors is to unlock Pummarola. 

If you choose the King Bible, you will get two of them instead of just one.

What is the Easiest Way to Survive as Gennaro

In Vampire Survivors, the best and most straightforward method to live as Gennaro is to upgrade the following:

  • Projectile speed
  • Weapons
  • Movement speed

His weapons come out quickly as a result of this, but they also do a lot of damage. Gennaro’s improved movement speed allows him to get out of the path of his foes quickly. 

When many foes surround you, this will come in handy! After successfully surviving as Gennaro in Vampire Survivors, you should now be able to get Pummarola.