21 Best SNES Emulators for Android and PC in 2021

There exists hardly a soul whose life hasn’t been about computer games. Personally, I have grown up playing video games and I feel so lucky to be getting a chance to do it even today. Usually, our childhood has all been all about PCs, Consoles, and Joysticks but SNES emulators had our heart. Well, frankly speaking, we are here to discuss the best SNES emulator which has always been an integral part and past of Android. These emulators never left the side of the gamers and made sure to allow the gamers to have fun with their favorite retro pick. This brings along power-packed performance at a very less cost. We are lucky enough to have our hands on a few of the best SNES emulators out there.

Drum roll as we are here with 21 Best SNES Emulators for Android and Windows.

Best SNES Emulator for PC and Android

This is going to be difficult for y’all if you are looking for the best SNES Emulators to choose from.

1. RetroArch

Starting off the list with RetroArch, which is the best SNES emulator that has a ton to offer. The best thing about RetroArch is its capability to offer cross-platform support. With the help of this, users have the ability to enjoy multiple SNES games.

For players to enjoy loads of classic games, RetroArch brings forward a gleaming interface which makes it pretty easy to use. Some of the high-end features that it serves are – rewinding, shaders, and netplay. The other surprise that it has is its ability to let users record and stream in many popular surfaces like YouTube.

2. SNES 9x

The next one in our list of PC SNES emulators is SNES 9x which is an absolute delight. The one thing that makes it lovable is the way it is to handle without any prior adjustments. Along with that, it becomes easy for the players to launch games as and when they want to.

If you are someone who is using low-end hardware, then SNES 9x is the one for you. It takes care of users’ needs and offers tons of features to choose from. The most convenient platform where you can play this are Linux and Windows.


When we talk about SNES emulators, we can’t really miss out on ZSNES. Well, sadly, the development of the emulator dates back to 2007 when it became of no use. Nonetheless, it is still fast and is very capable to be used as-is and that is exactly why we are discussing it.

Some of the features that it offers are:

  • Enhancement in video quality
  • State support
  • Games list that contains all the last played games

4. SuperRetro16

We know SuperRetro16 by a lot of names and it has made sure to keep its place intact in this list. The SuperRetro16 comes with storage support for cloud, more than one controllers, and fast forward options.

To make the gaming experience even more worthy, it makes sure to offer varieties of visual enhancements. Out of all the emulators in the list, none of them matches the offerings as this one does.

5. SNES9x EX+

This Snes Android emulator has been in the corner for quite a while now doing a pretty good job making its place in the list. Snes9x EX+ is completely free to use and is open source too. Along with that, it has few of the features that are very hard to see in any other emulators by far.

It provides extensive support to versions like .sfc, .smc, and zip files. Also, it comes with on-screen control, and save states. The whole UI is a tad bit old school but works well with all sorts of devices.

6. John NESS

Are you one of those gaming addict looking out for the most realistic experience? Well, you get a chance to have your dream come true with John NESS. The highlight of John SNES Emulator is the engine. To make everything even more realistic, the engine is completely the same as used in official consoles. Additionally, if you are someone using Wireless or Bluetooth to fill up your gaming needs, then you are supposed to not look anywhere beyond.

7. EmuBox

Be it GBA or SNES, EmuBox works well with all sorts of ROMs. This is exactly why we have decided to place it in the list. It brings with it tons of features and design worth the use. The one reason why we highly recommend is that it is absolutely free.

However, the tricky lane is all the ads that you meet on the way while using EmuBox. So, if you want to get rid of those ads, you are going to need the premium version for the same.

8. ePSXe

Are you an android lover? If you are calling out for a yes, then ePSXe is the one you should be grabbing your hands on. ePSXe is the upgraded version of ePSXeor PX and it gives a flawless performance on mobile devices.

In addition to that, some of the features of this one are:

  • Touchscreen pad for virtual enhancement
  • Bluetooth for external gamepads
  • USB
  • Hardware buttons

21 Free SNES Emulators 2021

Here are some of the other SNES emulators off the list for you to get your hands on.

  1. RetroArch
  2. SNES 9x
  3. ZSNES
  4. SuperRetro16
  5. SNES9x Ex+
  6. John NESS
  7. EmuBox
  8. ePSXe
  9. Higan
  10. BizHawk
  11. Nestopia UE
  12. NES.emu
  13. OpenEmu
  14. BSNES
  15. SNESGT
  16. SNNES
  17. Emulator for SNES
  18. 2600.emu
  19. PPSSPP
  20. SNESEmu HD – SNES Emulator
  21. John SNES Lite

Final Words

There you go with all the delightful SNES emulators for you to hop in and get started. Therefore, wait no longer and make sure to get yourself the best emulators for yourself.