Back 4 Blood Will Get Bear Traps in the Next Update

Back 4 Blood Will Get Bear Traps in the Next Update: Many fans were thrilled throughout the buildup to the release of Back 4 Blood at the end of last year. Turtle Rock Studios’ cooperative zombie shoot-em-up had a lot of expectations to live up to after being initially hailed as the much-missed Left 4 Dead series’ spiritual successor.

Many had hoped it would be a fresh new take on Valve’s legendary game. Sadly, it fell a bit short; consequently, player engagement has decreased subsequently. However, the game is still active, and the creator seems to be working on a fresh update.

Bear traps seem to be coming to Back 4 Blood at some point, according to a recent message from the game’s official Twitter account.

The tweet playfully insists that the trap is solely designed for bears, and the only information available is a picture claiming the trap would cause harm over time.

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There is no indication of when this will be released; however, the developer may drop clues sometimes.

The game has received a lot of upgrades since its October release. The most recent one occurred at the beginning of this month when Back 4 Blood received a patch that enhanced gameplay, provided the option to kick players, and allowed players to draw all 15 cards at the beginning of a campaign.

The card system was one of the strategies the game sought to use to differentiate itself from its forerunner. Depending on the cards chosen, this changed the gameplay in several ways, giving players the choice to carry more than one grenade or extra stamina.

This did not, however, appear to be sufficient on its own to elevate it beyond the series it was intended to succeed.

The game’s overabundance of special infected and general difficulty were two players’ significant complaints. Back 4 Blood’s difficulty was supposedly lowered in a December update; however, some people still find it a little too challenging.

Consequently, the game was remembered as one of 2021’s most underwhelming releases. It’s not a horrible game overall, but many people believed it couldn’t live up to the legacy of Left 4 Dead.

The latest update could bring back a few more players, but the excitement has long since subsided for many fans.